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Friday, January 27, 2012

Is Hope Lost?

Wanted to post this on Ricism but in the end, what the hell. I believe all these served as an inspiration to many life out there. And I wanted to share this to have others see the beauty and harshness of life. Ricism will have a long holiday at the moment and stay tune in Ric's Memoirs. 

“Is hope lost?”
The mind-boggling question silently haunting into the wee hours.
Attacks upon attacks upon attacks, 
In broad daylight and even into the glimmers of the sunsets. 
Its refusal to seize almost murdered me.

My constant reply, the only one i know, but still,
“I don’t know.”
The words which form the sentence, free from grammatical errors, sounds perfectly right but, but yet, absolutely meaningless.
There was never really an answer.

Around I trot like defeated titans,
I drag myself through the flames of Sahara,
Bitten was i the frost of Atlantic, 
The tempest, the winds of Katrina,
The seven stages of Hell, my life.

“Almost lost”, my heart whimpers,
Far far far from found,
The will to hold onto the fleeting grip, 
The courage lessened by the days, 
Fear was omnipresent.
Darker the days more than midnight.

“Is hope lost?”
I asked a passing stranger 
with eyes of sunlight and 
Smiles made of rainbow.
“Is hope lost?”
I asked again.
Silence was loud but,
With a touch as calm as the river and 
Kisses as soft as rose, 
A reply, 
“No hope is lost. 
You. You. You 
are the hope itself.”

Dear you,
The strangest and sweetest of things happen when you least expect it. Thank you for bringing me back to life and restoring my hopes. You’ve made me feel things again of which I thought would be impossible. For that, I’m grateful. Until we meet again…
Lots of love


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