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Saturday, January 7, 2012

St. James Foundation

Well, St James Foundation is establish finally.When I get the letter from the registration office and the green lights from Accounts, the first thing came into my mind was, " I have done it ". It was another milestone and achievement for me in life. The emotion was exactly when I get my final results in Berklee. But in much greater scale. Finally when I have step out from all the hard-work, it is all worth the wait. I finally establish St. James Foundation (SJF). Thank you for all the support given by all my friends and family.

SJF is a non profit organization where giving back to the society is our main cause. To change the society's perception and create the awareness towards social illnesses and the homeless. Sometimes I find it very sad that when I see people react to social illnesses. Brushing away their concerns by just giving money towards an organization will do the trick. But I say NO. This is not the way to have this. Those people didn't want that to happen to them either. They are humans. They are being hurt. They needed some compassion and acceptance.
I say NO to those who thinks money solve it all. St. James Foundation is set up in a way we needed man power. Not money. The funding of St. James Foundation comes from a few organization that will be funding all the activities. We need people who wants to have a little change. All we need is for them to share some love. Give joy, give joy, give care, give warmth, and above al, give Love.

Mainly the programs from SJF are spending time with those less fortunate ones. There main targets are

1. Paediatrics Cancer Patient
2. Homeless
3. Red Ribbon Association
4. Old Folks Home

Just like what I did for Christmas, Arm The Homeless in Manhattan and Miami. I wanna spend time with them. Sing with them, play with them, talk to them. Seeing that smile that comes to their faces. That is the main objective I wanna achieve. Many may ask that maybe how would the organization to sustain? We have strong funding from a few companies. They are our heart and soul. Funding every single need like getting essential, food, toys and so on for those needed. Seriously, I need people who wanna make a change. A change for a better world. Many people may just sit there and wind about this stinking cold world we are living in. I took the effort to make this change. I wanna create more opportunities for others to make this change with me. I can't do this all by myself. I need people like all of you. It will be a better world if we make the change ourselves.

I also wanted to take this opportunity to thank my friends who jumps in and volunteer to run this foundation. This is for you guys as well. Without you guys I am nothing. Thankful.

St James Foundation welcomes every single feed back given. We welcome all of you to come join to give back. We can put all those beautiful smile on their faces. Let's do it together and make a better world to live in. Please find us at


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