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Saturday, January 28, 2012


Sitting here waiting for my uncle in Thailand. I feel sometimes life has it's own way to make things right. Even at times when most doubtful. I was kinda emotional last night with the physical annoyance and mental state. But I bring up the real me within again. When I got up this morning, my brother fell sick and wasn't able to go to Thailand with me. So I decided to go myself by my own style. I took the bus from Kangar to Padang Besar. While I was on my way, my uncle called me up ask me to wait for him and he will send me to Songkla from there. With the low emotions and overflowing from last night, I felt so content now. With just a little faith and a smile, things has changed into a strings of beautiful events.

I was texting with Zalina while I was on my way and she even wanted to come pick me up. But of course, I would go there by myself. She is such a sweet heart even I never met her before. I couldn't wait to go meet her. I have a feeling she would be like Nell. I feel she is also filled with a pocket full of magic dust.Reflecting back on my so called confusing post last night. In facebook many has email me showing their concerns. But what I would say is I live my life myself.

Honestly, I do not know it was me myself or I start to feel the gap between. But I will not explain any further. I am here to stay and I will be myself. Nothing more and nothing less. I will never deny my heart about how I feel and I won't hide. I know maybe you may think I will never understand what or how you feel. But I learn something important this year. Even it is still January. Letting people into our life. Thanks to Mr D to teach me this.Yeah, it is really uncharted waters for me to explore but it is also a territory that I will never know how will that feel if I never try. I have done my part. And seriously, I never felt that good. A long talk with Cornflakes last night till 3-4am on the phone. And irritating Garend. I really see life differently now. Sometimes, we thinks it is best for us but if we just put in a little more effort, things will change and you will never know to the better or worst until you try.Just a little faith and everything will be well.

Well, sitting here at the border waiting is as much fun as I never expect this.But yet again, I  won't deny sometimes living in a culture of insults, we tend to judge most of the time. But when we take our stand and try make that change, this is where the interesting part fill in our story. Till then.



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