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Monday, January 30, 2012

A Wish

I was really caught up with work and was too tired to write anything last night. Yesterday was once of the awesome days that I was in. I was being brought to this very nice restaurant for the most awesomess food. But that wasn't about this post. Zalina took up us to this beautiful retreat centre on top of the hill. It was the most beautiful place I have ever been to.

There was this wonderful beautiful stupa there made out of the offering bowls for monks. I lost count every time I nearly hit 1000 which is not even near to half of the bowls use to build it. One the most beautiful thing was on top of the stupa. There were nearly thousands of bells and chimes. The sound of it was peaceful. I have recorded a short clip to share with you guys.

When I was on top of the pagoda, there were like a lot of bowls there. It was said that those who had their coin toss into it, it will have one wish come true. It looks easy but it actually isn't easy at all. There are only eight bowls at the very tops. The coins will not fall to the floor either. It is either you will get it into the bowl are just right into the pipes above. Wishes comes true only when you throw it into the bowls.

This is how Erin do it. Throwing the coins into the bowls above!
So here comes the adorable cutie Erin, bringing me coins. As most of you know I believe that making my own luck and everything. So relatively my mind was empty. And here goes, believe or not, the 10 bhat went into the bowl. So Zalina ask me to make a wish. As natural it comes, all my mind was just wanted you to get well and just wanna see you healthy. I think until today, one month past, and 2012 had given me more blessings than I am asking for. So I guess this is the right choice too. I am really sorry guys, I wish I would write more. But just my emotions these few days wasn't right at all. I wish I would be at a lighter emotions and definitely promise to write about this trip.

I could summary this working trip as, Busy, Relax, Spiritual and Hopes.
Here are the pictures.. I hope everyone would enjoy it as much with the clip as well.


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