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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Down Memory Lane No.1

As many readers may wonder why suddenly pops up another important character in my recent post - Mr D.
Before walking down memory lane, I guess the funniest thing was we barely knew each other in college. And many may wonder how we got close. Sometimes, I find it too far to go back where it started. Sometimes things are meant to put together as just a memory of my own.

Honestly, do I see this coming? No I didn't at all. My memory of Mr D was really funny. My girls were like deeply in love with him that time. So, I didn't really bother much in college. I know I am so gonna get straggle if Mr D read this. he was like how Glinda describe about Elphaba in Wicked.
Unusually and exceedingly peculiar
And altogether quite impossible to describe.
But he has these beautiful eyes I really  dig into. I guess the only time I talk to Mr D in college was I was asking for a replacement class. He has this always sleepy but mesmerizing eyes. Yes I don't deny I have a soft spot for eyes. But do I know Mr D well? No to be honest. He was mostly by himself and with his peeps. Quiet goodie two shoe kinda boy he has while I was with the rebel with Agnes and the others. Goth and late for class, we kinda like rule the college at that time. Mr D was a sweet person. The only time I had a sentence more than 10 words was when our college mate who passed away in an accident. I was as usual blurred and late. So he happen to sit beside me and I ask him. He gave me that "what are you and where have you been last century" kinda look. But he still with his flawless niceness, tell me about it.

That was the first impression of Mr D if anyone would ask. I bet he won't remember what he said either. He was always quiet and that sweet smile from him. Anyway that is a little bit of the past with Mr D. But what matters is the future for us. Mr D inspire me so much when I was at the low point in life. His honesty, his courage, and he was doing the right thing at that time where most people in his position will just kept quiet about it. He struck me at that point. I knew that in this life I still have people like Mr D to support me all the way through my hard time. (My amazement - when we talked about it, he didn't even know he did . I was like sweat!)

Anyway, he is one soul that never fail to bring laughter to anyone at any time. He may look quiet and goodie two shoe up front. But once you get to know him, he is like a non stop machine gun. Out of the blue. Think about our topic of sinking fleets, abducting Koreans, and hitting on LA men. How much more funny it could get. His tweet we random and funny and supportive all the time. (That sounded familiar to me isn't it?) But no matter what it is, I knew at a point he is that kinda person you can count on in life. He would be there through and through.

At times in life, we always laugh at the facts like life is a bitch but we both are a bigger bitch than life. The part of giving laughter and sharing happiness. A fragile heart lies within. I have been living for a life time to be where I am. How would I missed a soul like that when he is just standing right there beside me. I know in the future, I will always have him in my life. The love and care he shared was unbelievable. Without holding back. His support when you needed one. For who is Mr D? I guess everyone has to find out in the future when the story will unfolds itself. The curtains have not fallen. The show has just begun.

Lets sink some planes shall we? We shall do it together hand in hand. Let the mission begins.

Love, Ricky.



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