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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Pre-birthday Celebration

First thing first, I'm sorry that I wasn't able to write any post. My tuning time plan in the states officially a failure. I have been suffering from jet gas since I landed. Somehow I was kinda trying to write something but mentally I was drained. I have been sleeping non stop for the longest time. Anyhow, I still manage to spend some time with friends. I had the awesomest time ever. Having a beautiful dinner and drinking session. I haven't seen them for the longest time. It was great catching up with them. And not forgetting to talk about the gift they gave me. I was dumb founded. For the first time ever, I was given really expensive gifts. I really do not know how to react to this but I am thankful for all. The wonderful things you guys given me. Anyhow I had the most beautiful time during dinner and all.

Now at this hour, I'm still suffering from the jet lag. Blogging this post and cornflakes lying beside the bed annoyingly talking about carebears. I am so gonna ignoring him. We are now waiting for time to come and start our journey down to Singapore. This is such a wonderful thing able to spend my birthday with my angels and friends. Glad to have the honor when they took leave to spend time with me.

 Beside that, Mr D will be there as well on my birthday itself. I couldn't even think what could possibly be in Singapore. Oh, I forgot to mention about this. I meet up with Mr D on Wednesday. I was really blessed having him in my life now. I couldn't get that image out of my mind when he had his gift. That smile was priceless. and nothing really matters anymore. The world has become a perfect place. I hope there is one thing I just think of it that I accidentally done without the intention. If I could turn back time, I wish I would be more considerate. Anyhow it was great having mr d for that wonderful dinner. I. Couldn't explained how much enjoyment I had with the things we did and talk about. The world is in our hands. There are so much I wanna share with in this world with. So much I wanted to show you in life. Just don't give up on me. That is all I ask for. If you are not around, who else will bitch with me? We can do this. I promise no matter what, I won't give up at any point. No hiding in emotions, no hiding in my life, no pretense. Just me. And you still need to travel to Boston to claim your magazine from me!

 After dinner, I went to subang to catch up with cornflakes. We had like mad crazy talk.but I appreciate a lot when I notice actually he was dead tired. He was at two different meeting before meeting me. And he insisted to catch up with me. I am grateful to have cornflakes like you! One of a kind. I love you very much! And thanks for the green wheel chair! Love you even more when I get it. You truly are my angel. But in a way, I am sad that I have plans change here in Malaysia.i was suppose to meet someone important on my birthday. But somehow I chosen to do my due duty. And seems that he is really busy as well in life at the moment. I don't know what to do too. Flit shouldn't burden him anymore. I don't know why, whenever I was superbly stressed, the first thing that pop up in my mind was looking for him to ventilate. Maybe it's just he was there when no one really saw me. Anyhow, I hope I would able to make up to him anyway. One day, one day. I know that I should give back to what he had given to me in the past. I hope he is able to cope with all his life at the moment. If you happen to read this, please know that Imma fine. I could find my own ventilation. Just hope you are well at this moment. Maybe one day soon I shall meet you. I will pass your CDs and stuff to Ming. Just be well. I wish all the best to you.

 Theses few days has been wonderful. In an hours time, I will start my road trip down to Singapore. All I just wish is for a quiet wonderful wicked birthday celebration. And what I wish for for my birthday? Here is my wish list

 1. ) Mr D, please never give up no matter how bad it is. Cause you know it is jus perception. Bad to others, but great to us! Don't you ever leave me behind alone!
 2. ) My family's good health.
 3. ) Happiness and wellness to all my friends. 
4. ) a must go Madonna tour! M.D.N.A is due out this year!
 5. ) No more surprises!
 6. ) a successful production in Oz. it's my first musical theatre production. Just don't wanna be another fool or a mediocre writer.
 7. ) totally staying clean fromp now on. I can't believe even maybe saying this. I guess it's time to quit cigarettes to.
 8.) Respect Myself more. Don't get influence on my decision. I should know better than anyone else why and what I am doing.
 9. ) Giving back via St James Foundation.
10.) rest more and getting well!

 Hopefully new post coming during my trip in Singapore. Gonna get some shut eye before heading out! Let the "wicked" journey begins! Lots a love, Ricky


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