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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Turning Pages

I really do not know how to express how I really feel at this very moment in life. I am so blessed with the love and care share by the people I love and cared for as well. The completeness o f me fill in when my whole life been searching for that one special thing.

When you love is being return, the whole world the seems to complete.. I changed. For the better or worst? I don't know. But I am really blessed so much with the love being showered on me. This is one of the most beautiful moment in my life. I didn't realize I don't have to look for it. It's all around me. Thankful grateful and blessed.

I wanted t talk to much about what had happen in these few days. This was just pure magical. I found the most beautiful part of human being. Sharing love. How would I even forget these few days. I am really a happy man now. Filled with just love, warmth and awesomeness and glamor. These are the people who made this change for me. This is my turning page for this part of my life.

Mr D - the angel of Venus.

Mr D was... Peculiarly hard to describe. It was just... I dunno how can I put this. The joy and love he shared was amazing. When I was in pain, I don't feel alone anymore. That touch of an angel. I feel I'm not doing this alone anymore. For the first time after a long time, I felt the wholesomeness of life. Please don't ever you give up. Your are pure of courage and so much love you shown. The stinking world needs people like you. You deserve much mor than what you have. I'm so so so so thankful in many million times our path crossed again. You changed my whole perspective in life. I'm gonna go all out just to make sure you will just be filled with love and joy. I will make this change. No more fear. No more discrimination, no more darkness. You have been my angel. I wanna be yours. You lead me to spread my wings again. This is just gonna be a long journey for us. Hong Kong next!!! Thanks for your love and courage. Your changed me for good. You showed me the way of life. Decision in life taken that reflects the value of life. I wish I had you courage. But I know definitely it is not too late for me to change. You have a beautiful soul and you deserved much more in life. I know everything will be a turning point for you. It has just a starting point for you. Somehow I wish I could make it better for you in many ways. 

Garend, my angel that never abandon me.

You are one of a kind, like I talk about you in my angel post, you were closely and constantly full of support and fun. To make sure my birthday is only filled with happiness and craziness of me. You are just an awesome edition. I know the more I write the more you will blush. But you know what I wanted to talk about. You relatively read my mind on anything. You know how thankful to have an assistant like you. Hahaha.. still love you very much and hate you at the same time.


One of my big 3 in life. I wish I can put down in words too. But you know it will never be enough. You brought so much love and care to me.You were one of a kind. With your cold jokes and wonderful flaws. You are the nearest to me that knows how lonely the way would be abut being there for each other. You and cow and batman. I am grateful that I have you with me in Singapore. It wouldn't be the same without you.


Thank you for your magic dust! With you there, you completes every single missing puzzle in me. I am happy that you came. It was the best present ever. And the chuppa chups flowers. Purely awesome. Thank you so much being part of my life.


You are such a sweetie. All I would tell you is more to come. It is good to know you are all psyke up and start a fresh. You deserve much more in life. Love is everywhere. All you have to do is believe. Everything will be fine. I know somehow you are still getting over it, but you are not alone. You know where to go to if you needed support. All the way. 


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