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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Understanding A Greater Cause

After a series of heart felt events, I got myself into work. I nearly puke blood with the attitude of a few new artists. But to me, I know where I stand. I am not here to bitch about it. All I did was pack my things and left the whole project. Sending an email to my producer asking him to get another replacement. Until randomly a friend from Malaysia send me an email sharing a new song. "I Won't Give Up" by Jason Mraz. It was really a beautiful song. I took the effort to find out more about that song. The lyrics was awesome. To a family member, a friend, a lover or whoever it is. This song is for someone important in our life. To my amazement, IWGU also tops the iTunes Chart. Congrats Jason Mraz. A beautiful song will never let down all listeners.

As this song, it reflects that being having the courage being ourselves and standing up for someone in our life. Maybe this song came at a right time. Thanks Ming for the beautiful song. It has become a strength that reminds I need to keep it strong. I know my recent post has been talking a lot about Mr D. I don't deny we were fondly close even he is still annoyingly funny. He always make me smile. And our topic today was about teaser and zombies. And talking about Universal Studio, queuing, cam whoring. Chatting about crap all night. And second round of Wicked. But something he said really hit me was its all about company. Thanks Mr D. I know it will be my best birthday ever. Oh, one thing was the highlight of the conversation was do you know how Mr D react to his Christmas gift? Lemme keep the suspense first. 

Thinking of that, it was a blessing in disguise I guess. I have more time to plan to meet up old friends before Mr D arrive in Sg. I don't know about many. On facebook and twitter, I see negativity coming up. But fairly till now, 5 days now, and it has been really good and smooth for me. I mean ups and down is inevitable. But on emotion wise, yes I am really doing great. And I guess keeping my emotion happy, and enjoying the love everyone gave to me. And sharing it back. Every smile really means so much. Yes it is a sudden change of direction in life. But everything is all falling into place and unfolding perfectly. I will be spending a big amount in Malaysia this year. First, is for Oz and second, Mr D. Standing beside him, having my bitchiness and his all together are just right. All I wanna do is support and being a Shepard and his rock without any judgement. And I guess it would be a perfect place for me to keep peace in mind and focus on Oz as well. 
In so many special ways. This really made really look back in life. Sometimes, when we lose everything because we do not cherish. But some others don't even have the chance of having genuine care. I am not talking about Mr D here if he ever read this. Just a good friend of mine. I was talking to him about the harsh society and how judgemental human could be even they say they won't in the first place. When things happens, we get to see the real face of all of them.

Lets not talk about those incurable sickness. Just talk about me. I am a CA patient. But sometimes the treatment I get from them was like I have a type of unknown sickness worst than rabies. I am those kinda that don't really care much. But if I was at a younger me, I would have already killed myself. Being kick aside without having the support. At times, I was afraid to talk about it. So scare to have everyone look at me at a kind. But as time flows, I became stronger. But telling you that within me is not painful and scare is nonsense. That is a lie. I tend to put myself into others shoe before dealing with it. I will try to feel what they feel. And honestly, that loneliness and fear of not being accepted is unbearable. Sometimes, I know many out there wanted us to accept them but they are afraid to ask for help because of continuous rejection. 

No matter what, I am doing my part to make a change. I know in Malaysia there's nothing we could change their perception towards this issue unless we start making them understand and influencing them towards them. They are all out there. They may be your friends, family or even lover. You will never know what they are going through. Stop the pain. Lets give them some love. That is all they wanted. That is all everyone wanted in this world. We have to stop expecting others to give when we don't make a change ourselves. 
I know I have a very genuine smile from Mr D today. And that filled me up with so much happiness. And Cornflakes too, Jeffrey, and Michael. All these beautiful souls you just need to put on a smile on their faces. See what in return you may have. I can't even explain how that happy feeling is when I get back that smile this morning from Mr D. Till then, I guess its time for me to get some rest.

With Love.



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