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Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Gift Of Love

Today was one of the day when you were just overwhelm with love and care when we start giving it to those that really need it. I am at a point where I don't regret at all establishing St James Foundation. Since the moment we plan for our very first giving back event in KL. The responses and the people who participate made it even much more special. I am glad to have all this beautiful souls around me that made it happen.

First, I wanna thank Garend for helping to arrange everything. Without you this is not even possible. Thank you so much for making our first step possible. All the hard work put into . Your actions speaks louder than words. I am grateful to have you on board to make this possible and running the foundation for me. Thank you.

Upon arriving at the hospital, it was hilarious. Me, Nell, and Paul were actually lost. We have walked the whole compound of the hospital. But it was a very good work out. On our way, we were join by Cornflakes. We were all excited despite the jam we were in earlier on and the waiting time. But once we were there, Staff nurse Rozie greeted us at the entrance of the paediatric ward. We were lead to the first floor where the Oncology ward is located.

At that moment, honestly, I hate the fact of being in the ward again. But as usual, Cornflakes was there for me to calm me by cam whoring with me. It was such a great experience.until now I am still overwhelm with the joy that I had at this hour.

When we reach the ward, we waited for the ward Sister (Head Of Nurse) to come. We were told to have our hands cleaned. It was kinda funny as the staff nurse have to teach us one by one. Moments later we were join by Sister (Sr) Sakinah. She brief us though the things we should and should not do. And as usual, group photo with the staff!
At first it was just five of us there at the ward. Jeffrey and Michael join in later as they just finished work and were stuck in the jam. But I am very glad that all of them came. There were a total of 37 kids at the ward. But the ones that we are able to interact with are 27. In many ways, we did our best to cover all the kids. For myself, I only manage to talk to 5 kids personally and had a chat with their parents. Honestly the smile at those young little souls kinda make me wanna even be strong to fight this with them. At points, I wish I had their courage and strength to go though what they were going though. Some of the kids just came out from chemotherapy. But you know what, non of them shows any sign that they were in pain. All of them put on that smile and it was kinda a slap to me. Anyhow this post is not about me. I guess that pictures are worth a million words. These were what we were doing with them. Playing and talking to them. And in return, just that little smile they give. Deep down all of us know it's worth doing this again.

There is one particular kid who got my heart. Nadia. A 15 year old who was bed ridden. She is having her PMR but yet she misses her friends back at school I promise her I am bringing her to go aquaria KLCC. She was my special kid. I gave a a cactus. And hope she would have something to look forward to. I am definitely going back to see them next month. And I hope more people would join me to give back love. I wish everyone would start taking the first step to make this change. Let us share some love to these beautiful kids. I really misses Nadia and I wanted to go back and see her. I really wish more people would join us to make a difference. This world would really need some love to those who really wanted it. Let us do what we can while we still can. They really need us.


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