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Monday, January 2, 2012

Love and Other Drugs

Sometimes the things you want the most don't happen and what you least expect happens. I don't know - you meet thousands of people and none of them really touch you. And then you meet one person and your life is changed forever. 

This is the point that hits me right in the middle of my chest. Maybe somehow its a life experience. Its not about I have moved on or let go of a past. But sometimes, remembering the good parts of it and forgiving myself is even more important that letting go. As a person, I wouldn't say I have been a good guy, but somehow I learn that how to love a person. This movie was playing through today. I never really put myself into this movie as we know how hot Jake Gyllenhaal hot body and that.. I shall stop talking about that. But about him able to let go of that darkness he was in. Just to love someone. Just to care about him. Just wanted that person to be safe. Nothing crazily passionate or wild but the pureness of love. Knowingly that person to wake up with on your bed, and to kiss goodnight to. Knowingly waiting to end the day and being home with that person. That pure love between two souls.

I guess I know how does that feel. I am so not going to talk about my past on this post. But somehow that made me realize about me being more selfless in love. I was selfish and insecure to a certain extend that I didn't even knew I was. I gotta thank him for giving me that opportunity to learn. And it keeps me as a reminder now and then not to repeat the same mistakes.

Anyway, lets talk a little bit about the movie shall we?
This movie was based on a true story of Jamie Reidy.
Jamie Reidy becomes Jamie Randall (Jake Gyllenhaal), the black sheep of a medical family, who learns that there's a fortune to be made in the burgeoning pharmaceutical business and signs on for Pfizer's training course. In a hilarious sequence Randall attends Pfizer's boot camp, where slick travelling salesmen are indoctrinated in the justification of their profession. They're taught the art of manipulating doctors and exploiting their staff and such tricks as hinting at the product's additional properties for which no proof has yet been established. Then the cheerfully amoral Randall brings his skills as a silver-tongued salesman and his sexual magnetism, first practised selling TV sets and hi-fi equipment, to bear on peddling patent medicines.

It's a less earnest and self-consciously moral replay of Wall Street, and with none of the customary contempt for advertising and merchandising that liberal audiences take away from Death of a Salesman and Mad Men. Initially, he and the older, less charismatic salesman (Oliver Platt) who accompanies him are promoting Pfizer's Zoloft in competition with rival Eli Lilly's more successful Prozac. In a clever running gag, Randall hijacks samples of Prozac from doctors' offices and dumps them in a parking lot wheelie bin from which they're lifted by a hobo, whose life is thereby transformed. Having soothed the nation with anti-depressants, Randall embarks upon a campaign to cater for the nation's failing sexual libido with Pfizer's Viagra and strikes the mother lode. That Pfizer and Lilly have allowed their names to be used in the picture is astonishing and an indication that the movie's account of the business is reasonably accurate.

Gyllenhaal has thrown away that dark cloud of anxiety and moral seriousness that usually hangs over him like a halo and, for a while at least, we delight in his character's unscrupulous activities as Casanova and conman. In the course of his work, Randall meets the free-spirited 26-year-old Maggie Murdock (the beautiful Anne Hathaway, who played opposite Gyllenhaal so memorably in Brokeback Mountain. How could I ever forget). An artist and part-time waitress, she's suffering from early-onset Parkinson's disease, and they embark on a no-strings-attached affair of mutually satisfying carnality. She doesn't want a serious liaison with someone who might either leave her or be stuck with her as a hopeless dependent, and he doesn't want to make a commitment that will limit his freewheeling lifestyle. The relationship is handled with a refreshing frankness, candour and humour.This aspect of the movie also enables us to make points about the complex nature of public health, the difference between what can be cured and what must be accepted, the venality of doctors and the pharmaceutical companies, and the inadequacies and inequities of the medical system. Yet the two narrative strands don't quite mesh, and the movie stumbles badly when trying to effect the redemption of Randall through love. There's an excruciating scene of a sort only too familiar in Hollywood romantic comedies and in the work of our own exponent of the genre, Richard Curtis: Randall in his expensive European sports car overtakes the charabanc Maggie has hired to take hard-pressed senior citizens to buy affordable medicines up in Canada and proposes to her, loudly and publicly, in a roadside car park.

Sometimes I wonder am I living in a dream too? Who doesn't want a love like this?
I know I would be lying if I say I don't But in the course of it, I know love can't be rush. At least I know I am already trying out dating. But many many parts of the movie inspire me even more. I know that there are a lot more people who are crying out for help. Because of the norm and the knowledge they know about many public health problems. I know a lot of them would even put them or better said, isolate those kinda people. Which I find offensive to even use the word "those kinda people"

Anyway, I know all this will have to go through many many levels of education and knowledge. The main reason many didn't make it because of the society push them away. They also deserve respect and if many have even forgotten, they are  also HUMAN. Sigh. its a lonely fight but don't give up hope. At least if anyone read this, please note that I am here for you. Even you may not know me now. Just reach me. I will be a Shepard of yours. And a special shout out to someone who really means to me a lot in life.
Don't you ever think you are different. Even you deserve true love. Even you deserve true friends. Even you have your rights to sound out your voice. When you think no one accepts you, no one loves you, no one understands you? Please remember you still got ME here standing and fighting with you. I accept you. I love you. And I will try to understand you. Tomorrow will be the day for you. If you are reading this, please keep me inform closely on the condition. There are still so much in life to share with you and I am not going to lose you just yet. Many many years to come for us. 
And with this post, I will end with a dialog on this beautiful movie. I wish all the love to the world and lets take the first step to make a difference. And this post dedicate to you specially Mr D!

Maggie   : I'm gonna need you more than you need me. 
Jamie     : That's okay. 
Maggie   : [crying] No it's not! It isn't *fair*! I have places to go! 
Jamie     : You'll go there. I just may have to carry you. 
Maggie   : ...I can't ask you to do that. 
Jamie     : You didn't.  


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