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Monday, January 23, 2012


I look back at this blog, I realize somehow I made it like an open journal of mine. But who really cares right?

I am not trying to give an attitude here but somehow I saw the aftermath have given to those who needed. I am not complaining here, but just I am very sad to know that it's the truth. Many of us are really fighting out there for those who needed. But its somehow just bad I see the aftermath. It was painful to know the truth.

There is no blame at all here. It was just painful to know the person you love and care is still seeing from that point of view. How can I make you feel safe? How can I make this change for you or even those who needed this? I find the perception on the society has soiled so deep in them they think its a sickness. And I believe they do see that it's a burden too.

I am sad, but I won't give up this fight. It is more severe than I think. I will do every single thing I can to change this. I am putting all this to a stop. You been inspiring to me. So I am so going to fight this to the very end. And NO I AM NOT GIVING UP THIS FIGHT!

No matter how bad the aftermath would be, no matter how much you think about it, Nothing is going to change! Until you really see you are deserving. Deserved of being love, deserved of being held, deserved of being cared for. Others may judge you. But I don't. Cause I understand it in and out. I know what to do and what not to. Because of love, I will be the first to take the arrow if anyone even try to hurt you. NO ONE will have say on anything unless they really understand what you are facing and knows your pain. I told myself long time ago, there will be no more tears. This year will be a great start of your journey. I would be the protector to make sure you will only be filled with care and love. You are my angel, let me be yours.


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