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Friday, January 20, 2012

Outlaws Of Love No 2.

You get mercy when you give mercy. You receive judgement when you leash out judgement.  "Judge not, lest ye be judged". I am saddened by the hatred, prejudice and religiosity of current Pharisses who claim to speak in behalf of God.  "LOVE ONE ANOTHER"! Prejudice, racism and homophobia are all wrought out of fear and ignorance. The  "Cast out all fear" "Perfect love casts out ALL fear". We should be in the mist to minister love, not hatred! 

HATE = MURDER! Those who hate in their heart are just as guilty as those who kill! Can we stop the madness and respect life and one another? Some may read this and spew ugly words to me but I say, Who Are You To Judge Me or Anyone Else? Yes, I am homosexual but I am also human and will stand up for anyone who believe in love. 

The are shared among friends, between lovers, with family. 

But why the world still out cast us? Why are we still outlaws. There is nothing to do with the government. This is pure ignorance. I have lost friends who are being outcast because of this. The society murdered him. No one will able to stand up and change my mind. I know what am I doing. I know what will I have to do to make things right. I know who to be with. I know what to do to protect myself so I would give more love to the ones I love. No one will ever judge me for that.

I am being irritated with all the negativity around me. I am going though a tough time myself. But I know with just a little more effort, I can make things right. I am a colon CA patient. So what is wrong with that? I know who are the ones standing with me. 

Those who are friends, they kept you in their hearts. Not putting you aside and forget you. I have given too many excuses believing that I am still someone. Years ago someone important in my life told me that this is not how friends treated friends. But I ignore that fact. I still put you here as someone I love and care. But you prove me all wrong. But needless to say, I am blessed with so many beautiful people in life now. I am complete. I am loved. 

Listening repeatedly on my iPod "Outlaw of Love" The rage in me anguished. The fear in me gone. As I am speaking now, I know I will never be alone fighting this battle. To a special angel in my life, even you are facing much more than I do, you never fail to be there to hold me. The pain I am only having is to know that I am limited to do what you can do. I wish I would trade places with you sometimes. To know you are in a better state. 

If anyone who is reading this. As an outlaw myself, no matter you are gay, lesbian or transsexual or straight. Do remember out there, there are so many who are begging for a chance. Please do not deny them. I can't do this alone. Stop all ignorance and start giving them that chance. It hurts me so much that many have even tried or had killed themselves. Lets us not lose more people in our life. Don't fear, love should not be build base of fear. I am fighting a lonesome battle. I really do hope more that would join me to give those who really needed another chance in life. Because of the society today, they felt fear, they felt outcast, they felt being not deserving. They felt the don't deserve love. They felt burden. Please do not push them away any more. 


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