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Thursday, January 26, 2012


We are bombarded with all the people around us. We live in a culture of insults, surrounded with people who are richer than us, have better sex than us.

- Gwyneth Paltrow
This is what we live in. Naturally somehow we are blinded. The society somehow has already made us this way. Many may not even see we were actually being hurt by this fact. In fact, yesterday one of my angel were talking to me. We had an honest talk about what the past has somehow runs us down. Sometimes when we are so blinded with all that is running around so wildly and freely. Many of us sometimes don't realize our words has the abilities to bring others down. Many are not mindful with our actions and speech. In fact, with just a little empathy, we would have made all these barbs into roses. But how many had done it this way?

It was heart breaking sometimes to see the people who we care and love being brought down by words. Common, get real people. Can anyone of you says you never made any mistakes in life? I have made tonnes of wrong decisions in life, wrong actions, and to certain extend sometimes I really broke my family's heart. But what matters really is not being judgemental and just show some empathy towards those we care and love. We would really make a little difference. No one is perfect in life. No one will be Glinda. Hahaha...

But somehow, all the imperfections just brings out the very best of a certain individual. I do see mistakes as a beautiful part in everyone's life. With the mistakes we make, we eventually will become a better person or the worst. I am not saying its all healthy about this. Yes, not many that will turn out to be on the good side. But what is also wrong with some dark side of human? Without the dark, we will never know what is the light right?

Sometimes, we just need to take a step back and see in a different view. Everything we are doing in life, we will always be surrounded with temptations. Those temptations yes is really irresistible. But it is not impossible to resist. Most of us, will indulge. But there are also those who manage to resist. But to be honest, those who are able to resist, they had their fair share of indulgence. (Sometimes more) Ok, I admit. I was a little over when I did indulge. But the fact is, when time comes, people grow older and we start to evaluate what are the things we want in life. Either way, there is never the right or the wrong thing. It is all perceptions. Like myself, whenever someone call me a bitch, I really do see it as a compliment. Even when I was younger, close friends calls me a slut. But what is wrong with that? We live our life. We decide on our own journey in life. Even with temptations, everyone has the right choice to do whatever they decide.

Turning back to myself, do I still wanna stay celibate? Answer is still YES. Its a challenge I have put myself on with. Its my quest to respect every individual as they are. Yes, I did not deny, temptations are there. Especially with all that surrounds me all the time. Yes I am still having the urge. But till now, successfully being celibate since Oct. How is the result treating me? Honest people that care for me as a friend, people who wants nothing but for your happiness filled my life. The whole circle of friends has changed. Everyone around me respected my decision and support me for what I see rightful for me, even some thinks its just nonsense. But yes, they still wants me to be happy as I am. I think this journey has given me a very good start. Hopefully soon, will I be having what I always wish for? Let the year unfold itself. I am waiting for every turning pages in life. Can't wait to see what will happen next.


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