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Thursday, January 26, 2012


Today was one of the day that some random small thing that make it magical. After a hard week sometimes out of no where a wonderful soul would just comes and touched you with the most simple words. Sometimes, I wonder what did I do? Honestly, this blog is like my online journal where I throw things out like nobody's business. I never thought of it would kinda make people dig into it. I know I sometimes gets too emo or being bitchy or even just being a bimbo on this blog. But randomly, I receive an email today from facebook.

A rare thing that I never expect. Saying that he digs into my blog and it sort of like inspire him or something. I was like two eyes pop out like popcorn. It was random and honestly we didn't know each other before this. But it meant so much to me honestly. Sometimes, I really treated this blog like throwing out whatever energy I have from time to time. But it has inspire people and became a faithful follower. And before this, I thought only random gossip lovers would dig into my blog. But today with the compliment given. It inspire me to even write more about the perceptions and what the life issue we are facing. Thank you - Lee Alvin. Your mail really meant a lot to me.

And also, to all my angels. You guys make all these happen to me. Giving me the chance to feel this. With all the love and care. With the acceptance. What I can be is grateful and thankful. Because of you guys, you made me realize about life and how much this fight meant to me. The pain that you guys shared with me, make me even wanna make this change possibles. St James Foundation is not possible at all without your support. Everyday is a turning page and a new chapter. I will be fighting on everyday side by side with you all. In health, in life, and whatever it is. I promise I will be standing beside you guys always. This is a beautiful year for me. Let us make it more magical and wonderful.

And also to Mr D, especially you. Remember, I will always be there for ya. Keep on fighting this fight till the end! I will never give up on you no matter how far or where I am. You know that yourself.

Every page is a beginning of a new story. This is our story. 


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