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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Sinful Indulgence

Alright, I have been sitting here for the past hour wanted to write this post but seems like there are loads of distractions here and there. Today was kinda a crazy day for me. Out of boredom, I went to Sadao, Thailand just to have chicken rice. And by the way, I am living way up north of Malaysia. And the whole journey takes like 35-45 minutes to get there from my dad's place. Many were responding like why am I there for just a few hours and I came back. It isn't like a long journey. It is around 25 km from my place.

Anyway, it has been kinda a boring day for me. Besides indulging in sinful food around me, I guess nothing really worth writing. Trading is slow today. So, I decided to spend more time to finish up some tunes that is for 2014 calender. For inspirational purposes, I am indulging into some pop rock tunes to get the vibe I needed for my new tunes.

For the time being, I guess I am kinda too happy being back home. So many things to do, and so much to plan for my birthday bash too. I am still in the dark and got no idea what is going on. Anyhow, putting that aside, it gets me thinking on what I wanted to have this year. I have been writing a few tunes at the end of the year. So far, non of the demo were finish yet. (Demo done by singers of course! Demo by me are meant for me. Cuz my duck voice will scare all that breaths.) Will waiting for Andrew to finish up one of the songs he is going to help writing on the lyrics. JJ still haven't finish up the demo too so far. But are those the kinda tune I wanna keep writing? Or I want something fresh and new. Something more soulful! Something more life to it.

When it comes to this part, I guess that writing mode of me is somehow off at the moment. To get the vibe, I needed that push. But what will be my push? What will be my inspiration? What will sell? What will let the listeners to relate? What are the emotions that are crucial to let it surface. With so many questions floating around me, I just shut down my Mac and started to blog through my iPad. See the problem? I really don't know. Somehow there must be that balance somehow. But I am somehow being push into this state where I am not here or even there. Hmm.... I wonder.

Anyhow, I should not be thinking about this but to enjoy what I have now. I won't be starting to work till April! So, as the old saying, Fuck it! Hahahah...

By the way, just got off the phone with my Bitch Rainer! Hopeless! Just one word for her - HOPELESS!!!! Actually wanted to like ask her about some inspiration. But in the end, I guess she is being influence too much by me. Sounded and acting totally like me. And she also just drop a a bomb that there will be a lot of people that is coming on my birthday bash. What the.... I thought it was gonna be a small intimate outing. Now, it is getting out of my imagination. All I can say, well done bitch! You totally get me now. I am so eager now to find out what is under their sleeves. 


  1. I like your randomness ; )

    Well, no choice just enjoy the birthday celebration surrounded by people you know and barely know...LOL

  2. Hahaha.. I guess I should be proud of my randomness? :P

    Thanks... But the thing is that I am still in dark. A big group of people or just with close friends... Not a sure thing.



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