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Monday, January 7, 2013

Post Sri Lanka, India & Nepal Trip

Ok, I will die if I don't get this done by today. I know the more I delay this, I will never get it done. So, how does my journey really goes? Actually, it was on a positive note excluding all the public peeing and pooping by the people over there. Somehow I just wonder what makes India this way? It is a beautiful country on the whole. Sri Lanka and Nepal is in the other league.

Seemingly being the second largest population in the world and being a democratic country really doesn't does justice to the people. From what I think. I spend most of my trip in the state of Uttar Pradesh. The poorest state in all India. And also it is a state of the opposition. The only thing in my mind every time the guide told us about their highways and infrastructures was "I'm sure the guide haven't been to Malaysia before." I am living in the smallest state in Malaysia way up north. A Kampung (Village in english) actually and we have better roads and all. But it was an experience.

The weather is really crazy going there during December. The dip from the highest to the lowest temperature was too drastic and that really create the freezing pain. In the afternoon, it is around 23-24 degrees and within an hour, it will drop to 3-4 degrees and later on to 1 degrees in the night. It is totally different from the usual cold weather we have in the states or even in UK. It is cold but the differences weren't that bad. And that gives our body to get use to it.

The train ride was pretty ok to be honest. But the delays makes it really bad. Maybe it was the fog. All these few months in the cold, fog is not something uncommon. The visibility could drop as low as 5 meters. It was suppose to be a 6 hour ride. But end up, it was a 13 hour long to get to Lucknow from Delhi. Talk about trains for not being on time in Malaysia. I guess we are blessed in many ways.

But on the whole, it was amazing. When I was at Bodhgaya, Saranath, and even in Varanasi. Those places were breath taking. Nepal, was Lumbini and Phokhara. In Sri Lanka, I wish I had more time to explore. It gets dark early. So most of the time, travelling around could be taking up a lot of time. The whole trip in India, I was taking coach. That really took a lot of time. In total, I travelled 3400KM in India. and with the roads condition there, usually for 100 km, it takes 2 and a half hour to travel.

It was really very interesting and inspirational for me through out the trip. How amazing the emotion that is being felt. Places like The Great Nalanda University, Jethavana Grove, Vaishali and even Lumbini. It was just amazing. I posted most of the pictures on my Facebook profile. And also the Ganges river! That is one experience I will never forget. The whole Indian and Hindu culture. The life that lives among us. The cycle for the Hindus. It is really amazing. The only thing we couldn't do was to take pictures where the departed were cremated. It was really something I will never forget.

Here are some pictures to share with all of you. Could visit my Facebook profile if you wanna see more of it. India is really one country that is so rich! Rich with cultures and the religions that begin there. Hinduism, Sikhism, Jainism and Buddhism. What a beautiful place to be and to learn. From the earliest civilization till the evolution of human kind.


  1. Beautiful really beautiful. You went to Nepal too? Hmm...awesome!!

  2. Yes. I wish I had more time in Nepal. I went to three countries. Sri Lanka, India and Nepal. It is really breathtaking Two Horns Child.



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