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Wednesday, January 30, 2013


We all in general never really see the power of obsession. Well, to me, obsession can be in many ways. In good or even in a bad way. But what do you see in obsession? What can we be to live with it?

I for one, I am obsessed with music and passenger aircraft. First of all things in life, music is really one thing I couldn't let go of. I use to say music is more important than food to me. Well, to me, it is a way of an outlet more a like. A way I express some emotions that I couldn't do it with words or actions. But this is one of the obsession I have since young. I would love to spend time in front of my piano or organ for hours just playing whatever comes out from my fingers. People may say this is passion. Well, I do think passion and obsession can co-exist together. With the drive of my passion and being obsessed to wanting to let it out.

As of aircraft, I just love it. And yes, I bet you guys would notice with my extensive post of them. Nothing much about but I just love them.

Well, afterall, part of being a song writer, emotions is a really strong tool that we needed. That is why I am emo all the time. But partially, I couldn't deny that part of me wanting to keep doing it. And by the way, the single was released today. I am happy to share this beautiful song here on my playlist. It was an old song but a new twist to it. The beautiful melody and lyrics of Foolish Games is one of those scores you wanted to get lost with, which Jewel flawlessly re-recorded with Kelly at her side! Talk about the best of both worlds!!! This is just beautiful! Stunning, really! An exquisite rendition! With Jewel's usual country pop vibe and the rock edge by Kel's voice! I love it. Hope you guys love this track too. I am know I am obsessed with it at the moment.

Since we are on the topic, obsession could even comes in the most dangerous way. I am not gonna touch anything on relationship or love at the moment. But something I could relate to. Drugs. Being an ex-addict, he obsession will always be there no matter how long you have quit it. It is just that part of it that kept wanting it so. But that wasn't the scariest part of it. What really is scary when you are obsessed about being in control whenever you have it. That part of it is one of the deadliest thing one could do. Everything around you were magnified when you are under the influence. Everything senses becomes stronger and the mind just couldn't stop playing tricks. Even with those that calms you down. Everything is being magnified that way. Honestly since my Paranoid post till today, I have been having dreams. Of me doing it. Flashes of memories about how great it felt when I was under. Yet when I woke up, everything crumbles. At part of how I wasted parts of my life with it kept me sane. But that too was one of the obsession of mine. I will still have to live with it to my grave.

Well, one of the reasons I am writing this is also I am gonna leave Sydney tonight. Well, it was really pack. I had my opt and I met Ron. At least I get to see my love ones. I haven't seen him in ages. Good to see him actually. So, as usual, lazy to pack and I am about to fall asleep yet again. But what remains at the back of my mind was what has install for me in Singapore. Another 3 dosage and 12 sessions. Sucks but it is what it is. I was talking to a friend earlier today. Will told me I always have a choice to what I am going through. But really do I have that luxury? If it was really a choice to me, the only person in this world who will understand what my choice is Mr D. He really do see what I am going through and what I feel. I am thankful to have him around me all the time. Like he always says,

At least we have each other. 


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