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Monday, January 7, 2013

Birthday Surprise?!

Imma gonna say it out loud! I LOVE surprises but I hate the gut of not knowing what is going on! Somehow this is the card my besties are playing around with me. They are just putting hints on what is going to happen but yet with suspense! WHAT THE..... Like seriously, I don't know what to expect what is gonna happen during that celebration weekend. Giving me hints like throwing me into waterfall, getting this hot guy to fulfill me. I am like what?!?!?!"?!

Mr D on the other hand, kept sending pictures of beautiful hotels with nice big tubs. It is really making me more eager to know what is going on. non of the hints make any sense but the thrill is killing me. But what is clear to start our celebration is that it will be Les Mis night on Friday! I wonder how Les Mis night would be. For sure Mr D won't be joining us for that.

But what really makes me touched is all that is going on. This will be our last outing together and God knows how long will it be for all of us to be in the same room again. Mr G is heading off to Sweden after Jan. Rainer bitch will be in Melbourne 6th of Feb joining by her hubby (My ex best friend) in April. But what I am still blessed is Mr D will be around still. He has always been and always will be my anchor.

But on the bright side, this year travelling plan would be easier for me. First stop would be Melbourne following with Sweden! I know I am gonna spend a hell lot of time to just annoy both of them no matter they like it or not! Mr G! It will be a pot heaven for me! And you are going to join me since it is legal!!! :P

So, what I am actually trying to do now is not to think about goodbyes. I guess I really suck at it. Even I knew it was just gonna be a short period of time before I see any of those asses soon! Oh by the way, my bitch Rainer gonna have baby bitch soon! And for the record, I am gonna be there to make sure only good food goes into her mouth on her first trimester. But her period is still normal for now. I kept telling her that baby bitch comes with sex and not fax! Hope she gets it! She has been dried as I was. But most unlikely for now since her engagement. There is always that honeymoon period. I know she will be shouting like hell when she reads this. But what the hell! I love her loads. And maybe just a little to my ex best friend. :P

Counting down the days to my very last few days being 28. And welcoming 29 to my wonderful life. And next year, bye bye twenties. So it will be a blast for me. Can't wait to be with them!!!!


  1. Happy Birthday~~~
    May all your wishes come true..

  2. Oh thanks a lot MJ!!! Meant a lot to me. :)

  3. Heheh, maybe they'll bring Jeremy boy over as a surprise.


  4. Happy Birthday then!!! It already sounds like you are gonna have a blast birthday. and also the rest of the year planned!! ahahah... Have fun and may all what you wanted be yours.

  5. Chen Xing, You will never let Jeremy go won't you. hahahah... He is somewhere in China if I am not mistaken.

    Two Horns Child, Hahah.. It does sounded like a plan. But the thing is I don't know what is really going on. That is making me crazy. But on the other hand, yes on my travel plan. Can't wait for the path unfold this year.

  6. Hmm...looks like someone already start planning on the destination for his next vacation.


    1. Haha, Chen Xing, I think no vacation needed. When imma back in the states, he wud b back too..



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