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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Idols Drama

So since my epic failure to sneak out to the city tonight, gonna just enjoy myself here a little ranting crap. But one thing kinda really made me miss a lot was American Idol. It's been nearly 3 years now since I was last being involve in the production. Even Ricky Minor isn't there any more. Being part of his music team is like one of the amazing thing ever. So since idol is now in full swing, what do we actually expect from this year?

Honestly to me, since Cowell is gone, it was never the same. But still, Idols has really position itself at the top of so many competitions in the country. But the thing is does the competition stays at it's very best level? I really didn't think so. I am not here to like bash them or whatsoever. I am thankful because of Idols, I have so much opportunity to work with all these amazing singers. I wouldn't get to know Cow or even Dumdum for that sake. You guys rock my world.

But the integrity of the competition, We can't deny the fact that now, it has kinda become a popularity competition than a really great talent show. I am not saying their talent sucks! It's just the voting has become a playground. Honestly, look at all the recent winners. Yes, no doubt, doing superbly well in the States. But where are they internationally? It has actually catering for the American market mostly now.

Matheus auditions for Idols
When was the last time we saw an amazing star born in Idols? Since Dumdum I think. And yet, Dumdum isn't the winner to begin with. Somehow really hope there will be another real big shot will come this year. But who are the talents we are really eyeing on? So far, from all the auditions rounds, what I could say there are a lot of female talent this year. But any with a real winning edge? So far, I haven't really spotted one. For the guys, so far, two were the stand out. Brunell Taylor from Louisiana, and Matheus who auditions in Texas. I guess Matheus rings the bell for some of you. Yes, it is he the same fella who was in the glee project.
Does he got it to win? I am not sure. But what I am sure is about Brunell. He has this amazing voice box. Really another amazing singer that could tell a story with his voice. He put Mariah to tears with his audition. To me, ever since Cow won idols, no one really could like do that. Except for Carrie of course. Carrie is blossoming into this really great country queen. A lot of maturity in her voice in her latest album. Anyway, back to Idols. Yeah, so, even I really wish to see another winner who really could stand up for it. And if you guys realize, it has been a long time ever since a girl won the title. Maybe it is about time?
Brunell Taylor blowing everyone off with his voice

No idea at the moment but when the live shows starts, there is where the fun comes in. Who will be the front runners? Who will be the black horses? and Who are the stars. Oh.. and hopefully no diva this year. I guess we already have two amazing great divas on the table. The one who loves to be that kinda Diva and the roll eyes one. Still think both of them are amazing. So, what do you think? I am pretty sure my dearest TULS will be rooting for Lazaro for sure. :P


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