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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Airbus To Stabilize A320, A330, A380 Production Rates This Year

Airbus COO Guenter Butschek, told ATW the A320 production rate will stay at 42 aircraft per month, which was announced in October.

“We will remain at this rate for the time being” to stabilize its supplier chain for this aircraft, Butschek said, adding that some suppliers could not speed up their production in time to meet the Airbus target.

“From 2015 we will be in the transfer process from A320ceo to A320neo.” During this time, he said Airbus will “not only build these two A320 next generation aircraft,” but will also ramp up production of its two engine options—CFM International’s LEAP-X and the PW1100G PurePower from Pratt & Whitney.

“In 2013 we will stabilize [the production], in 2014 we will optimize it, and from 2015-17 we will go into a stabilized transfer from the A320ceo to neo,” he said, adding in 2018 he expects the A320neo production process to be fully operational.

Butschek said A330 production will remain at 10 aircraft per month in this year’s first quarter. A rate increase to 11 aircraft “could be possible but so far we have not decided,” he said.

The A380 production rate of three aircraft per month will not increase in 2013 as the manufacturer deals with the wing crack issue and weak demand for very large aircraft (VLA).

“But we have enough flexibility in the A380 system and we can increase production any time if necessary,” Butschek said. By 2031, Airbus expects a worldwide demand of 1,200 or 1,300 VLA. “Around 160 A380s are still ordered. With a production rate of 30 to 35 aircraft per year for the next five years, the A380 production will be secured,” Butschek added.

Last week, Airbus announced it delivered a company record of 588 aircraft to 89 customers and exceeded its order target of 650 by winning 914 gross orders.
Jet Airways A330-300 and Qatar Airways A320 with sharklets at Airbus in Toulouse. By Kurt Hofmann


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