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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Irony Of Being An Idiot

Today yet was the same like any other day before. The only thing is dad was around with me today. Mainly he didn't really talk much about what was going on I guess that makes everything awkward. Honestly, I didn't even try to ask how was he actually. Cause the answer was kinda clear to him. He is worried hell about everything.

I on the hand, overheard about a transfer again. Sigh. Yet again, I just really feel tired being brought here and there for all that they can do. From the inside, I am really feeling tired and all. I really wanted to tell mom and dad to stop and take a breather. I needed that space too in ways. But the thing is how could I possibly say anything when all of them in such state?

Well, I sneak out again anyway. I just needed some space to really feel normal. Maybe I am in such a hasty state, I really don't know what could I possibly do. So I went to Cineleaisure in Orchard. Bought my tickets for The Impossible and there was I putting myself in that movie that made me really cried like a baby in the end. I actually thought that The Impossible was some sorta like X-man kinda movie. Mana tau, it was a heart breaking story that how a family fighting for survival.

Irony kan? Here I am running away from the post stress from fighting for survival and here I went sitting down for that movie. So now, me feeling terrible for whata brad I was. But the thing is, I realize no matter who or  how we react to the situation, we tend to really be "ugly" whenever we are not in control of our emotions. I am not proud of what I have indulge in and yes, I do feel terribly sorry for being that immature for running away from emotions or situations that I didn't wanted to face.

Anyhow, I guess I have to face what I really have to face. I know.. The feeling feels like "What the fuck..." But it's something I can't run away from. Time to go back with the thick skin and apologize to mom and dad. I know surely they somehow will be worrying about me running away like that. Sigh.. And it sucked BIG TIME!

By the way, on my way back to the hospital on the MRT, I saw something that made me felt a lot better. Really Crack me up when I saw him in the train.

PS, I am starting to like the blogger app on the iPad! So much easier to blog anywhere anytime. Luvin' it.


  1. Maybe the movie was a sign to remind matter what just be stronger and stronger. There is always hope. =) all the songs in current I wish I can have all =D

  2. Shin Y, Thanks. I need to start changing them. I find a little bored with it edi. But anyhow, still hope to find some really good meaningful tunes to go with my post.

    But I agree with you. If it wasn't the movie, I guess I am just another brad that never appreciate what i have in life. :)



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