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Friday, January 25, 2013

Love And The Rights To Love

Reading through some blogs tonight, I came across one of my favorite written by a sweetie pie Shin Y. I am not gonna talk about something similar but yet something related. Being a gay man and able to have the chance of living a life where gay rights is recognize is indeed a blessing for me. But sometimes, I think about some of the recent events happening in Malaysia, it kinda get me thinking again. There is a beautiful insight post by Shin Y that I urge him to really share it. Sometimes, I wonder if we just sit and see, who will be fighting for our rights?

What happen lately is the deputy education minister. Yet again provoking about the LGBT community again. What he said was "LGBT is a social illness" But I was kinda didn't bother about it as much as the previous statement made in September. But being LGBT is not a sin nor an illness.

The real illness here is misunderstanding and unsubstantiated hatred. LGBT Malaysians exist in all the various ethnic groups and social classes in this country and most of us are simply trying to make a life for ourselves just like everyone else. But hateful sentiments like Dr Puad's make things worse. But the thing to me now is I actually understood why all these would happen.

First of all, we were always living in the dark. I know some of us haven't a choice like many of us do. But those who are proud being who we are, I do feel bad now thinking that I didn't do anything to actually stand up for the rights. As for now, life in the States indeed made it much easier for us. If I am lucky enough to have a life partner in the future, I indeed would have the rights to our lives. In good or the worst. Thinking of some of the things that might happen, when we grow old, what if there is an accident, or something bad happen to our partner. I will have visitation rights. But the question links back to where my roots are. I am a regular patient to the hospital because of my condition. Lucky enough, I am still single and yet I am totally out to my parents and they are supportive of me. But how about the others who doesn't have this luxury. Does it mean we need another President Barack Obama?

These people who made all these hateful statement simply they didn't have the chance to understand, or I should say they didn't have the ability to change. We can't deny the older generations are one stubborn ones. But as time comes, all this roll back to yet another question, if they are open to accept this fact, but no one were there to educate and make them understand about how LGBT comes to existence. Like it or not, being gay isn't a choice. We understood clearly with that statement. But do they really understand?

We can't deny the unknown will brings fear. And fear leads to insanity. So I do wonder at times, who's fault it is then? Many of us were outrage by that statement. But how many of us stood up and stand for what is right for us? Sadly I know I didn't myself. Well, sometimes, it takes two to make things right. All of us wanted to be love. I know I wanted too. I know it has been years since I break the heart of someone who loves me back. I know how bad that feeling was. I know how much it hurts when you knew he move on. I know what a mess I was. But it was all worth it. Hopelessly dreaming for that beauty of what love could give. But my question now is, if we were given love but no rights to protect the ones we love. What will that life be?


  1. Yours is so well written and meaningful. Mine just a bit deep but still thanks for liking! : D we all hope the real equality will come

  2. Kiddystick, we all do..

    Shin Y, I guess it is something worth fighting for!



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