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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A New Start?!

Guess I should just stop writing in mandarin. Been getting loads of "complaints" about it. Anyhow, on just a typical Tuesday, I lay here in NUH wondering what is my next step to be taken. Somehow those emo period kinda helped me to finish up some work. The thing now for me is where should I head to next.

Somehow many things is still unclear. But in ways, I still have to get myself going despite of being laying here all day doing nothing. But I asked myself, what are the remaining things that I should be doing? I was just talking to one of the bloggers last night. Somehow kinda made me realize what are the importance of living the passion we have. And come to a point, I realize non of my songs are actually number hits in the Billboard. Am I really that lousy I asked to Xander.

But what really was, should I be commercial? In ways, my music kinda reflect emotions of something that anyone could feel. I never write something that just because others want to listen. Maybe that is why I am still not making progress on the Billboard? But the thing that really bothers me is where should I head to? Do I wanna have hits or I shouldn't compromise with what I usually write.. and it just went blank...

Maybe I would, maybe I wouldn't. But for now, I guess one of the thing for me to actually do is digest all that is actually going on. Someway, I actually remembered what Mr D told me last week, no matter what it is, things will eventually pass and it will be better. For now, I guess things are actually moving forward. For the better? I am still eager to find out. But what I am trying to say is actually what makes me feel that way. I guess when we are actually low in our spirits, we tend to let the past memory floods us. Or I should say I let it flood me in many ways. But as of now, I guess those memories were actually good memories. At least I know I always learn things the hard way. hahha...

Anyhow, Marching Band Season 2013 will be starting soon. I guess I will be boring you guys loads with that real soon. And talking about that, I haven't start arranging the songs and all. But what I do anticipate is Sultanah Asma. This year is yet again their year after the amazing feat of Keat Hwa shown last year. Hints were Africa. 

I also did something really drastic last night. I kinda just bought myself a return ticket to Japan in August. Something which wasn't in plan. But yeah, the World Championship of Marching Show Band will be held in Chiba Japan. What I am really anticipating is will actually Nishihara or Aimachi be part of the show? Will I actually get the chance to see them live? But soon after I bought my flight tickets with Japan Airlines, I realize I am totally screwed. The hotels in Japan are like freaking expensive. Well, I guess time for me to start to sell my butt.  focus on my writing and start selling my songs on hand or focus on my trading. Sigh.. This is yet another lesson I learn it the hard way, buying tickets without checking everything.

Anyhow, I think things are starting to stabilize. Just wish I am actually home and on my bed writing post and just be. Still waiting for the final call from the doctors. As how the report is, I kinda give up to even wanna know. Things will turn out to be what I want it to be I guess. So, fuck it. Just missing home a lot. Hoping to leave Singapore soon.


  1. Who so bad? complain about you writing in chinese???!!!


    sell butt eh~ you sure fast make money, contact and connection got dy, established clientele etc.

    Go make more songs!!! That number 1 is hiding behind your head somewhere =D

  2. Someone like you actually :P
    Haha... I am not aiming for that number one. Like I say, music is something subjective. And most good songs never made it to number one.

  3. Why not try backpacking? =D
    Cheap and easy.. at least i think. Anyways, I still haven't heard your songs! link!

  4. Leo Nut, I am pretty sure you have heard of my songs. Just you didn't know I was writing them.

    I wish I could backpack again. But since India trip, a lot of catching up on my treatments at the moment.



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