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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Les Miserables 2012 Movie Reviews

Like I say earlier in my review on the soundtrack. The songs were good. Cinematography were epic. But the lack of realism. I guess Tom Hooper was trying to make it like Peter Jackson's movie. It did capture all the emotions from the songs. But I do feel it could do better with some of it sweeten with studio works. Sometimes, gotta face the facts that not all actors could sing. 

But I have to give it to Anne Hathaway! She is the showstopper in the whole movie! The arrangements of the song made it perfect! It was pure stunning. 

On the whole, the movie was good. As my own opinion, really with to see more realism on how the sets were during the french revolution. I have to say, it was amazing with the effects. It would be better if it would look real and somewhere really resembles France during that time. Example like when Anne did I Dreamed A Dream. At the sewer. It really looks good. But does it looks like somewhere on earth, I have to say no it doesn't. It reminds me a lot Willy Wanka or Alice In Wonderland. But still having said that, it was good effort. The credits are still given to the creative team.

Samantha, I think could do better, nothing new here. And yes, before I forget, Helena Bonham Carter and Sacha Baron Cohen totally rocked their parts as the funnily yet antagonistic duo. They were good too. Amanda improve tremendously with her voice since Mamma Mia. Nothing big difference. I do find the grandeur of the sets and song sometimes doesn't really able to relate to the viewers. But still it was a good movie.

When Les Misérables is good, it is very, very good, and when it is bad, it’s usually because Russell Crowe has opened his mouth. Among the held-breath gambits Hooper endeavors is his mix-and-match cast of stage veterans, movie stars, and intriguing in-betweens, like anchor Jackman and lesser-known breakouts Samantha Barks (as the lovelorn Éponine) and Eddie Redmayne (as the revolutionary Marius – and if we’re ranking, Redmayne’s spare, gutting take of “Empty Chairs at Empty Tables” could easily claim best-of-show).

I love Anne Hathaway so much! Anne Hathaway fares far better in a justly hyped supporting role as the factory worker turned prostitute Fantine. Her solo “I Dreamed a Dream” is the first significant test case of Hooper’s other big gamble, which was to record his actors performing live, with flat notes and rough edges preserved and not redone in the safe haven of a studio.

All in all, I watched the movie because I saw Anne Hathaway rendition of I Dreamed A Dream and also the music. I love the broadway show loads!

Is this a great movie? - YES!

Will I watch it again? - NO.

Did it made it to my top 3? - Nearly but NO.


  1. You so picky!!!

    Yea, it was good... but it could had been better =D

  2. Hahaha JokerPJ, I think it's just what I thought about it. Still think Chicago was the best alongside Moulin Rouge.



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