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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Our Own Limitations

Every heart break leads to another beginning in life. I couldn't remember who told me this but I really find this true enough. Growing in the world of reality. Sometimes all these seems hard to just let us move forward. But no matter how things are, we will eventually. I have been looping this song since the past few days. And what I can say about it is that it is really something beautiful to see this part of the light. This song really reminds me of someone who is always there for me. And it is a blessing I have him in my life.

The past few days are torturing for me to be honest. But seemingly things are calming down. I find. that there are a lot of things that happen when I was away. And seriously, I just find it sad to see what had happen. Some people just don't have that kinda heart when it comes to a lot of things. Words are sharp, and there ain't respect at all towards what other are. But on the other hand, I find myself bless. Somehow, I am free from all these ties and I don't have to deal anything with anymore.

When things changes, it just made me clear to me that my up bringing. For that I am thankful to both of my parents. They did a great job. Not for all the bad things though for all I have been. Hahaha... I was actually thinking for some time. What does it makes me? But in the end, I really don't care how others may judge me or think of me. I am that person that has that kinda past. I am not proud of it but yet it is a part of me.

Honestly, I miss my besties. I haven't talk to them for a long time. (That is a long time to us). Honestly, Mr D was the only person who was with me all these while. No matter what is going on in our life, we eventually will make some time for each other. But on the other hand, that big part of me knowing three of my besties will be leaving the country early of next month. I know I will be visiting them soon enough. But still, Goodbyes aren't a thing I am gonna get use to. I always suck at it.

If everything permits, I would really wanna make it back when Rainer is leaving. The least I could is fly back the day she will be leaving in the airport. At least that goodbye is one thing I wish I could do. And I still owe her money for the ciggies! Hahaha... I know it's lame to joke about this. Somewhat, it is a goodbye that will eventually comes. Anyway, This song is really amazing. In so many ways, the lyrics were right. Hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I do.

They all say it, all the ones who made it 
Want to find the money plainly 
But you're gonna have to fight 

We don't think that the things that threw us off track 
A little like a heart attack cause we didn't see the light 
I found 

In this nightmare, forgiving me was bitter 
Say you're never giving up 
Say you'll always try to be my helping hand 
Try to be the one who understands 
Even if things don't go as planned 
We're still worth it all I found 

We both know our own limitations 
That's why we're strong 
Now when we spend some time apart 
Wheeling each-other out of the dark, 
Cause we both know 

What mistake is 
Won't be scared now 
If I change the made-out yeah 
Change the made-out 
They could take us 
Why can't you see it? 

We both know our own limitations 
That's why we're strong 
Now when we spend some time apart 
Wheeling each-other out of the dark, 
Cause we both know 


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