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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Celibacy Fulfilled

Sometime ago in 2011, I took a celibacy vow for myself. Reasons - I actually asked myself why sometimes. Still no idea why did I actually do it. But hey, Kinda proud of what I have actually refrain myself from for a whole year. One year and 12 days to be exact.

For all the wrong reasons, I guess things happen too fast and too soon in many ways. I did mention about this fella I met in Sri Lanka. Jeremy. Just on a really bored Sunday today, I just decided to share some details about that encounter.

I guess for what it is worth, I still am attracted to that beautiful eyes he had. I guess that was the thing that seal the deal. Some how the whole night, after 2 bottles of bubbles, I wasn't really tipsy at all. No idea why. The thing about what we had was that drinking session. The things he had in mind that he wanted to fulfill before the age of 30. He is 26 by the way. That passion he had for his life. I really admire that a lot.

But one thing about that encounter was sex wasn't on our mind at all. Ok, maybe him. I was totally attracted to that smile and eyes. But the thing was no one really initiate it. It sorta just happen. I still question in many ways that a hot fella like him would actually get into bed with a person like me. Still sorting that part out.

So, we were at the Caterman Beach Hotel that night. So after dinner, we both were sitting on the beach drinking and talking. It was around 3am in the morning and I gotta like wake up at 8am. So I just kinda told him I am heading back to my room. And he suddenly just  ask me.
"Aren't you gonna invite me to your room?"
I was stunned and I just got no idea how to react. I was like in silence for at least 30 seconds. And he laugh and ask me to relax. I didn't wanted to sound like I was making excuses not to invite him over but the thing is I was staying in the same room with my little brother. He smile back and just told me he got a room upstairs and all by himself as his rommie's flight won't be arriving till the morning. Delayed by the fog in Delhi. I just didn't say a word and straighten out my hand to him. He grab it and we walked back to the room.

When he showed me his room. I nearly faint. It was like 3 times bigger than mine. I was actually checking out his room once I was there. And he asked me again if I were happier to check the room out or him. He was so charming. I just couldn't resist that charm in him. He was closing the door behind him. I just walked up to him, kinda like standing real close to him. Feeling his breathe near mine. I could feel his heart pumping like mad. And I just lean over as I let our body react naturally.

His jet black hair were really soft, I couldn't stop rubbing through it when our lips met. His beautiful green eyes, and that unshaven face was an extra turn on for me. You know those white guys with that kinda look. I wasn't really thinking that much at that point. It seems like everything was just right. God knows how long we stood there kissing and undress each other. But it just felt so good.

The bed was just perfect. I move near to it while we were just in our underwear. His skin was so tender and soft. I can't really remember how long it was since I last touch a man. I laid him on his back, slowly moving down to his ear lob, neck and so on. I guess I found his "sensitive part". It was at his neck. Every time my tongue touches his neck, he let out that sexy moan that really turn me on. (I admit, I am always a loser when it comes to that kinda sensual moan by a man.) It was ecstatic! I felt that his other member was ready too. I could feel that was between our bodies. And he whisper in my ears. " I am ready, don't make me wait all night " I was laying on top of his body and his legs spread between me. It was just.... electrifying.

The moment I was in him, he let out another moan. All I could do was letting myself near him. Holding him closely. Feeling his heart beat, the heat of his body, his face and his moan. A Big Time weak spot for me. The more all this comes into the picture, the more I wanted to hold him close to me while our bodies does the magic. When I kissed him, the world around us doesn't seems matters. As we move in sync, it felt like both of us are erupting that inner energy from within. Every touch was surreal. As I felt his sweat on his body, I move a little faster. He seems to like it a lot. And while going at a faster pace, I kissed his neck and it felt like he was about to erupt. That spasm he was having. And all he whisper back was "don't stop" And I just let go and kept going on him. He didn't wanna changed the position and from his looks, I guess he was enjoying every trust going at him. I was near, he was a big reason that put me at the edge. I kept going till we both fell uninhibitedly breathless on each other.

I didn't know how long I was on top of him. Our bodies we wet. All I knew was non of us move till my member was soft and slipped outta him. But he didn't want me to go. He ask me to stay for the night. When I get up, I realize our bodies were fill with his jizz. I didn't even know he cummed. I reach out to the tissue box and he just shock his head and say lets jump in the shower. I pull out a tissue and get rid of my rubber. And nothing happen in the shower. Just small talks in the tub enjoying our company.

A pic for teaser. Something I couldn't help not taking. :P
To be honest, after so long, I couldn't really remember how was it really like being able to enjoy sex in this way. To know the person and really connect. We didn't even have any fore play and it was still good. As after that, I told him about my celibacy vow that I have taken. And he was smirking at me and say "luckily it didn't continue. If not, you wouldn't remember what great sex with him is all about." Hahah.. I kinda like that confident. He was still as charming but the playful side of him came out. It was a plus plus for me. I stayed on  for the night and we had another go in the morning before I kissed him goodbye.

The thing about this fling wasn't all about the sex. But made me realize that how sex was suppose to be enjoyable between two people. But still, nothing would come close of being with someone you really love and love you back. But it was the beginning of my trip. At that moment, I smile and told myself, Ricky, things will be better this year. And with everything after the trip. Somehow, being alive means way much more than words could describe. And what makes me wanna go on and what I wanted in life is just perfectly clear. All I need is just a little faith and patience. When it pays off, it is really worth it. 


  1. Any intentions of keeping in touch with Jeremy boy ?

  2. Hahaha... Chen Xing, I already got him on Facebook. Will be in touch with him I think when I am back on the east coast in the states.

  3. Ooo..ok.

    Then will be waiting for the continuation a.k.a Part 2 of this entry, with full of anticipation.


  4. I am reading this in not so private area... oh my... wrong venue to hitch a "tent"... wearing tight jeans somemore =.=

    Three times bigger, I thought something else, room konon... =P

    naughty boy~


  5. Hahaha.. Hope there will be more to come. Still will die in those beautiful green eyes of his.

    PJ Joker, LOL... That bad? I didn't made it steamy like Chen Xing does with his entry. LOL...

  6. JokerPJ hahah.. Of course it was the room. What were you thinking then?? :P

  7. Ya, but mine no have "steamy visuals" to accompany the entry.

  8. That is becuz I do not know how to write in those steamy words. So pictures to just distract you guys from how bad I was to describe that. :P

  9. Do lah in front of your younger brother, and scar him for life... probably... hehehehe

    joke joke~

    How you took that picture hah~


    1. Leave the camera on the edge and timer mode. Lol.. I don't think will scar him, I think he would just get a girl and do it on the other bed. Lol



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