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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Letting Go With Goodbyes

Sometimes Goodbyes are the hardest thing to let go of.
What makes it really heavy to say goodbyes are those that you really care and love. As parting is always hard when it comes to the heart. Listening to Through The Rain on my iPod, sitting here in terminal 3 waiting for my flight in Changi. I know it will be only days in Sydney before transferring back here in Singapore. Even so, feeling a little heavy hearted. Somehow just hate all this kinda emotions that is rolling around. Just trying to keep myself right. Not to be like an emotional train wreck! I would look absolutely fugly with my cry face!

I remembered the last time I was here was my birthday last year with Mr D. Honestly, it was one of the most amazing heart felt birthday I have ever had. Thinking back that night, I was just sitting in front of MBS after watching Wicked and waiting for Mr G to get to us. It was 3 long hours just me and him talking about how life was and how things were. And the best part of it was they surprise me when I got back to my hotel room. We were all out for high end celebration that year. We were staying at Fullerton. That small little cake was one of the best thing that happen to me.

Somehow Singapore does give me a lot of memories. All back to the time I was living here with Baby J. Somehow it is a place where my life started somehow. Seriously, I kinda hate this kinda emotions going through. But yet, it is inevitable towards it. Ricky, breath in and exhale.. Breath in and exhale.. It will get better from here I kept telling myself.

A lot of things that I can't get my head right. Sometimes, it ain't easy to really like trust my own intuition on a lot of thing. Sigh.. Mr D, really wish you were here right now. You always knew what was the right thing to do. I know you are going through a lot these few days. I am trying to be as positive as possible for every reasons. I just miss ya loads maybe. Anyway, I really got no idea what am I ranting here about now. Hopefully it will be a pleasant flight for me to Sydney. Hopefully the pain will subside a little and I could get some nice rest later on. Will be back here again after 4 days. God knows what could happen right? Signing off and getting ready to board. See you guys again in Sydney.


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