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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Monogamy Or...

I was actually too bored this morning and it didn't really strike me to blog about this till I saw this amazing video on YouTube. The thing about this word is kinda strong. It is always in that grey are no matter we wanna admit it or not. But from what I have experience in the past, what the outcome of it that really could just break a person.

I guess the word monogamy is a matter of choices made. Choices are made easily but to live up to it, it is a different matter. I suppose saying that, this video I wanna share with you guys speaks it all. There are always some who live with the "Don't ask, don't tell" policy. But there are others who choose to commit. And there are some few who I really hate to mention are who wanna commit but choose that lie to live with. I hate it so much because somehow, I was that kinda person in the past.

It didn't really occur to me at first. How painful it would be. I dated a few that are that way. And to be really frank, I guess I didn't fell for them. That is why it didn't really hurt that much. Until I was with Baby J. Somewhat it has been four years now. Still stings a little but it is all good to be where I am now. And I do hope somehow somewhere out there, he is happy too.

What sends a strong powerful message on this video was, when someone is single (Ahem... ) they could actually do what they wanna do. Posting pictures of themselves naked and all, showing off their dicks or whatever they wanted. (I won't deny that is a part of me in the past and I have worst pics than just private parts and all.) But the principles when that person is in a relationship, that is what I really do respect. In so many ways, the video really relate to something real. After hooking up with a person, and that deep intense talk between both. I guess this is not something that happen all the time. But it still does sometimes.

But what makes it interesting in the end of the video was when he told that fella who was cheating, he ended his relationship because of the other partner was unfaithful. But the question lies that does monogamy exist?

That is very much depending on what both souls are looking for. A matter of fact, what do we want in our life? What will you choose to be? And the whole point of me saying this is that I never mention being monogamy is easy. But what really love is to you? What do you see in this? A difference that we always dreamed of or another "Don't ask, don't tell" policy? Hope you guys enjoy the video. I really love how it ended. That suspense was just perfect.


  1. All depends on the couple involved, doesn't matter whether it's monogamy or polygamy. As long as both understand what they are getting into.

  2. Watched that video too. Love it of course both hotties in the video too ; )

    I guess as a mostly have to go through betray, lies, selfishness, etc. Not sure is society makes us become like these or what. Don't think all gays don't want a stable relationship (monogamy or not) just...I don't know..acceptance from public???

  3. Savante, I have to agree with you. I guess that is actually a choice between two couples. Like I say, it is a question of right or wrong.

    Shin Yong, Yeah, hottie really makes me drool too...

    But I think that it isn't retaliation that fighting for a cause of acceptance. It doesn't really do much good if it is just to do so and get acceptance. What I see if it is so, the public still doesn't gives a shit. And this thing is not just happening in one place. Everywhere actually. Even in the states, where now the LGBT has equal rights as any of the other american. But this choices are still there. Or I am not making sense.. hahah..



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