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Tuesday, January 29, 2013


So here comes Barbieland. I actually wanted to dedicate this post to three beautiful people I have in my life. And these three fellas are link together. Whenever I actually am going through rough times during my treatment and all, they were all there. So, I decided to dedicate this fantasy dreamland to them. It's call Barbieland. Well, I have better reason to use this. It all went back to last year.

Well the first person would be Sammy! Imma gonna name him that here. And of course, I will be Barb! (I know, too much of Nicki) But yes. It was really funny how we actually get acquainted. It starts from the word "Pretty" Hahaha.. And that is all I get from that word. I got him at "pretty" Sammy has the biggest sunniest smile like ever. And talking about him, he is like this hot hunky fella who is really passionate about the things he does. Well.. I know everyone is hot and hunky in my blog but he really is.

Well, it was a long journey. From KL to Singapore back to Boston and everywhere I go. But I ain't gonna go into details about it. And then, there is Ken from Barbieland! The most charming person! I have a lot of respect for Ken actually. From everything that he had been through. All I can say he is one amazing person. of course fabulous too. We were like divas wanted to meet up in Chicago. But that didn't happen. I wonder what if we did. We will be like the biggest divas around.

Well, in every fairly tale there will be the bad guy! And he is Barb's worst enemy. The name is Gavinella! I am so gonna get killed if they ever read this. But I really do love this fella loads. Why I say he was my enemy is simply just when I first knew him, he sent me a picture of him holding an ice cream cone! But yes, he is one wonderful soul.

These three really help me through rough patches from time to time. But I still got no idea why am I writing this post. Maybe I was thinking of a proper introduction to the characters in my blog. (which I know it's an epic failure) So.. Yeah.. three fun guys that will be featured more from time to time.

Sorry guys, I really don't know what am I doing writing such lame post. Blame it on the meds. Mental note : Don't write when I am under my meds.


  1. WAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Thanks buddy, I loved the dedication. :)

    BTW, I am FAR from hunky. But I like the way you think. :)

    Lots of love back!

  2. OMG! Even Sammy found this! I am gonna like hide my face now!



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