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Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Memories were meant to stay but it doesn't mean we needed to stop dreaming about a life we wanted. I couldn't stop thinking what I should actually do after my post earlier. Listening to Demi Lovato's Warrior and it kinda shake this up. I know there are a lot of things in life that we wanna do always goes the other way. But I really don't wanna lie to myself that the feeling of letting others down. The more I know how things were, I just can't stop hating the condition I am in now.

I know that you do see things in a different light. But fact still lies there that I let you down somehow. Maybe everything seems a little overwhelming for me right now. With every memories and emotions all the place. I guess I deserve to be a wreak today since I have really trying to be positive for the past week.

It has just been days since I last see you but I just can't help to just feel that feeling how much I am missing you right now. I really do. And I really hate myself more for taking so long to recover. I really wished you were just right here now to tell me everything will be just fine. But... there will always be a but.. and it will just spiral down to a dark realm. I really miss being healthy. I really do.. Is it too much to just ask for one day to be normal again? 


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