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Friday, June 7, 2013

Seeing With A Different Eye

Every step we move is always something new for us to experience. Till this very day, it seems like it was just yesterday everything that had pass by without us knowing how those little things meant so much. We use our senses day by day but we didn't realize it as we were just so use to it by now.

Being a normal healthy person is always like a dream to me. My recovery is slow but still progressing. Year after year, I can't remember when I was first being diagnose. But still, I am kinda weird to be thankful to have this cuz there are so many changes I see in the world I thought I was living in.

Recalling the first honeymoon I had, beautiful city, beautiful beach and beautiful memories. Every single bit of it was just like a storm that were short lived. No matter I settle to do, I still feel you here. The learning process of feeling the world that we live in without our eyes. It sorta made me feel things were not seems to be as what it looks like. My point is, nothing is certain.

Even like in bed, I remember I had this buddy of mine who I always does this. Whenever my buddy and I hook up, I will always be blindfolded even before upon arrival. I have to say, it was something I can't really explain in words how those senses works. Magnifying every touch and feeling the different temperature on our skin. As much as I wanna say, it was just amazing.

Well, somehow, life works that way either way. It doesn't matter how my condition is right now or how things looks like on the surface. I am trying to look at it in a different light. Somehow, things seems to be working for me somehow. To be able not to worry, or being afraid of what will happen next, but instead, feeling the anticipation of what will happen next. The powerful senses that is around us.

At this present, it doesn't really matter on how I am feeling right now. But what counts is how will it be moving on from here. Perception are just mere views of others even some are being proven otherwise. It doesn't matter to me any more. Every prayer are just love that were meant to share. Shadows are inevitable but it is just a part of being alive. right?

Every bit of love and every sense of care that is given is one thing that I do think is worth fighting for and to live on with that. I know that everyone has an empty space within that needed to be filled. I won't deny that that feeling sucks at most of the time. But even so, isn't it something that is worth for us to keep going and find that something which is worth living for? Somehow it is just like writing music. When a melody and the accompaniment are parallel, it just doesn't seems fit and it will just sounded monotonous. But when it is coming from two different directions, somehow it will sound in a beautiful harmony.

Every closing door isn't the very end of a beautiful journey. It might be hard right now. But everything will just pass away. Even bad times does. It isn't something easy to begin with, but every single journey begins with baby steps. It feels like the end now, but eventually it was just a beginning of something new. No matter what we wanted in life, every voices that follow you, or even where we will go from here, it doesn't matter when we just have to close our eyes and see it from our heart. The journey might be a long one, but it is just something that is worth for us to keep walking on.


  1. I thought the line:

    "Every prayer is just love meant to be shared."

    was by far one of the simplest and most beautiful things that I've ever read.


  2. Thanks Barbz.. LOL.. I didn't know where did that come from too.. :P XOXO



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