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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Africa - The Spirit Lies Upon Us - Sultanah Asma Marching Band Productions

Oh well, I should be tired despite of all the timing and travelling. But I guess when it comes to marching band, tiredness isn't an issue at all. I can't imagine it is a year now since the last production. Well, SMK Sultanah Asma (SASBand) step up their game yet again this year. One thing you can really look forward to every year is what our champion maker Mr Tang Chia Hoe will come up with.
Africa was being picked since last year when Keat Hwa Marching Band won the national title in Kuala Terrenganu. Africa was initially the idea. But how things could evolves is the most interesting part. The last time SASBand was competing was in 2011 with their Mulan Production. Mulan spring many surprises and the most interesting part was how they implemented their color guards into the drills. When Keat Hwa was doing Spain in 2012 also by Mr Tang, the magic came from the pit percussion. So for 2013, many would expect something a little more from him.
But what Africa brings isn't just a level up from the previous productions. But a whole new experience all from the opener till the closure. Well, closure was almost the same from the past. But what is really impressive is the opener. In concept in the drills, and color guards visual effects definitely bring the audience to a whole new level. Africa is much more an excitement filled show. From beginning till end, the hype is there. Unlike previous shows that climax at certain parts.
For what we know, the whole show is amazing. Something refreshing. The sound that you can listen with the dynamics being design to just blow your mind. To me, it certainly will be fun to see how this show will be during the upcoming World Band Competition which will be held in Stadium Hockey Bukit Jalil on the 7th July. 
On my own point of view, of course, what is there not to love about the whole show. It is mind blowing, fact - period. As of how people might be comparing what Keat Hwa did last year and what Asma is showcasing, well I personally think it is really two different thing and you just couldn't compare at all. The music and drills and even the flow is totally different. No doubt,  Keat Hwa sound may be louder than what Asma could be. That fierceness in their sound is un-comparable somehow. And also the quietness in Asma's sound. The subtle powerful effect they could do. Just amazing for a marching band to make it possible. Kudus to Asma on this. This abang-adik (Brohers and sisters) schools are just amazing in their own way. Either way, they have they own trademark. They have their own style and they have their own image. But still, amazing. 
Well one thing for sure now is where will this production will lead them. Asma scores a superbly high score of 79.3 out of 80 points. I wonder during the finals, who will be up against them for the title. National finals will be held on the 5th at Stadium Hockey Pantai Dalam. The top 10 scores through out Malaysia will be competing in the finals. I really couldn't possibly wait till that day comes. Less than a month to go, next stop regionals will be held in Penang, Terrenganu, Selangor, Kuala Lumpur, Johor, Pahang and also East Malaysia. What will lies upon ahead is unknown, but what is known is that we can count on for a great show this year. Check out the video below. I'm sure you gonna like it too as much the crowd today.

Here are some more pictures during today's competition. For what is worth, flying back totally makes everything crazily worth to be here today. Till then....


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