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Monday, June 3, 2013

Thai A380 On London–Bangkok

From December 1, Thai Airways will fly an A380 daily on the route.

An A380 will fly London–Bangkok leaving London at 11.50am and Bangkok at 1.10am.

But a second daily service will operate by A340-600, taking off from London at 9.35pm and Bangkok at 12.50pm.

In March, Thai Airways UK and Ireland general manager Khun Wit Kitchathorn told Bloomberg that the airline aimed to fly an A380 on the route once it received the fifth and sixth aircraft.

From March 31, Thai Airways had put retrofitted B747s on the route, replacing A340-600s.

At the launch of the revamped planes on the service, Kitchathorn told Bloomberg that B747s were ideal for transporting outsize items such as luxury cars.

"Frequencies are the most important thing, and from that point of view I’d rather have three 747s serving London," said Kitchathorn.

"But the A380 is also a prestige aircraft so we’d welcome it of course."

Twinning an A380 with an A340-600 on the route gives a capacity of 874 seats, while the two B747s provide a total of 778 seats, according to OAG.


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