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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Un-Cried Tears

I guess my previous post didn't happen. Everything was reschedule to tomorrow. And honestly, I don't know what is going on with me right now. Everything I feel is everywhere. All over the place. But the only thing that kept me grounded is you being here with me. 

In some ways, I have been going through some of my old post. It made me realize how long all these has been for me. On a bright note, I could say I am proud of myself to make it this far. Yet, this very moment seems to be really nostalgic and yet a pinch here and there. It has already been 4 years and still, it feels like it was just yesterday. As a coward I am every year, all I can do is wishing you
Happy Birthday baby J. 

Well, this isn't the whole part that made me feel this way. It is really a mixed feeling I could say. 3 years back, someone who I have known years ago walked back into my life. Well, we don't have to go on the "how" but it is somehow a blessing in a way. Till this very day, you are still here and all I can say how grateful I am on how you lead me back to where I was suppose to be. Reading back something you blog about years ago.
Am already playing the tracks from the new album. It feels as if the album talks to me. The lyrics and song selection are actually very good and quite addictive. You definitely can belt it out anytime of the day and feel good after that. A mode of releasing it all out is to scream, yell and blast it all out - really - it does feel good after that. Not to mention, the album is an inspiration one.

Anyway, I am just awed over the fact that my blog was actually inspiration to quite a few people, people that I look up to. So that's a huge honor! Almost teary saying it. Gosh.... I never thought that my thoughts, mostly ramblings could be so influential. For that I am thankful and will continue to write although sometimes I am really just blank with pages. Hopefully I will never bore or kinda scare you guys away. Really appreciate your support and reading, means a lot to my funny-named blog. Ta for now and thank you so much KBC and ECH for the belated birthday gift. It will be a tune I will always remember no matter "where" I am

Hugs Kisses

ps - For a tired soul to replenish with care and love from a friend who care for you.
Maybe to you it was just random thoughts. But somehow, you were a big part to influence us on that album. Without you, many of those beautiful tracks would not even be on the album. To me or even to cow, no matter "where" we are, we will always be one.

All the un-cried tears are just a part of me right now. I am glad somehow Zombie is with me to walk with me. And of course Leo is always here when I needed. And also "you" being here with me made me stand on stronger grounds. No matter what lies ahead, even the unknown is a little scary, I guess it will somehow help me to move forward. And Leo, thank you for those words. Somehow, I realize where I stand still till this very day.
Something that will always be there for us to celebrate our birthday in the past.
Well, sometimes, we as human being, we always wanted to run and skip those steps. But in the end, those unresolved past will just be a part of who we are. Every tear is just a drop of memory that lives with us. No matter how it would become, I welcome it with what that is left within. A painfully beautiful part of me.


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