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Monday, June 24, 2013

UK & Malaysia Declare Open Skies

UK Aviation Minister Simon Burns has welcomed an Open Skies deal with Malaysia that he describes as "one of the most liberal agreements of its type worldwide".

"This is excellent news for consumers and the aviation industry alike," he said.

"I very much hope that it will generate competition among airlines, allowing passengers to reap the benefits of greater choice and lower airfares."

Currently, only Malaysia Airlines flies between London and Kuala Lumpur, with a twice-daily A380 service from Heathrow.

The deal will also ease restrictions on flights to onward destinations from the UK and Malaysia.

Under the agreement, airlines from both countries will be free to pick up and set down passengers or cargo at intermediate or beyond points.

Carriers will also be free to operate services within each other’s country and from each other’s country to other point.

While the agreement formally comes into effect with an exchange of diplomatic notes, it is being applied administratively with immediate effect.

Limits on the number of services between the two countries will be lifted from October 27.

In the Asean region, the UK closed an Open Skies agreement with Singapore in 2007.


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