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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Tie It Up On iTunes June 25th

This new track is country music and the singer exclusively performed it for the first time at CMA Music Festival in Nashville on June 8. Clarkson previously teamed up with Reba McIntyre, Jason Aldean and, most recently, Vince Gill to release a country music track, this new single will be the first solo single as a country artist in her career.The track was premiered on June 18 and it’s scheduled for release on iTunes on June 25. It seems that Kelly’s next album will be more country. The single cover is a nod to her upcoming wedding, scheduled for October 20.

The 31-year-old hitmaker is throwing down big-time with her latest single, "Tie It Up," a triumphal anthem just hitting the Web that's the most countrified song Clarkson's ever put out, replete with twangy guitar and even a banjo solo.

And given that "Tie It Up" is about getting hitched, the upbeat ditty's well on its way to being a perennial DJ favorite at weddings.

With her new single, Tie It Up, it seems this pop-crooner is seriously hearing them wedding bellzzz! Here are just a couple lines from the song:
"Let's set the date,let's hire a band,let's cut the cake,tie up the cans… I love the ring of your name,you're the ying to my yang,oh baby let's give it a shot."
What’s more, this might be Kelly’s most country-sounding track yet. Guess she’s sticking to her roots!

Check it out!!!!

Wonder if this’ll be played at her wedding reception! Of course NOT!!!!  But honestly, Tyin' the knot never felt so good!
Having some good time in Paris? :P hhaha


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