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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sultanah Asma Marching Band 2013 Productions

Alright, since I am back here now in Malaysia, no doubt at all it is all for the competition this year. I know the video I posted early from my post was taken by the audience. This video I am sharing is from one of the students from Keat Hwa Marching Band. I have to say, way better quality and sounded great.

Things that really still amaze me is what their color guard able to make out that amazing effect. I am sure that I couldn't wait till next month to the finals. I just wish I had a time machine to take me there right now. The show somehow still make me go gaga.

By the way, they have also concluded North Zone II and East Coast Zone I. I can't seems to find the official results though. All I know that SMK Jit Sin and Methodist Girls School will be competing in the same division with Sultanah Asma. Hope that soon, NATCOMP will post their official results.

From what I know, Top 4 teams with the highest marks in division one which will be consisting of 91 to 120 members will be competing in division one, 6 teams with the highest scores from division 2 and 3 will compete in their respective divisions. So, I wonder who will it be. My picks, will be Sultanah Asma, Chung Hwa Wei Sin (Terengganu) Victoria Institution (KL) and St John (KL). Just my 2 cents. Let's see how it goes. It is an open game for everyone.

So, here you guys go. It's 6 days now since the competition but I am still looping the video over and over. Like what they say, being a band geek once will always be a band geek. And proud to be one.


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