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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Boeing Honors Malaysia Airlines

  • MAS
Boeing Commercial Airplanes has presented Malaysia Airlines (MAS) with the Pride in Excellence Award to recognise the airline's excellence in engineering and maintenance.
"Malaysia Airlines is one of the top operators in the world of the 737,"said Paul Dubeck, Boeing Commercial Airplanes regional sales director. "We're proud to recognise more than 40 years of operational excellence." 

Dubeck presented the award to Malaysia Airlines' Engineering and Maintenance Chief Executive Officer Azhari Mohd Dahlan and witnessed by Ahmad Jauhari Yahya, Group Chief Executive Officer at a ceremony Thursday, said Boeing in a statement Friday.

The award recognises how Malaysia Airlines Engineering and Maintenance successfully navigated the transition from the 737 Classic to the Next-Generation 737 during a time of constrained resources in the industry.

MAS is now a four-time winner of the Pride in Excellence Award and has previously been for continued outstanding performance and expertise in maintenance and engineering.

Malaysia Airlines operates 39 Next-Generation 737-800s and 13 737-400s - almost half of its fleet of 85 airplanes.

The Next-Generation 737 is the most fuel-efficient and reliable single-aisle airplane today.

The airplane provides added value to airlines by delivering reliability, simplicity and reduced operating and maintenance costs.


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