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Monday, June 24, 2013

Shakespeare Says... 莎士比亚说...

莎士比亚说... 时间会辞破青春的华美精致, 会吧平行线刻上美人的额角。没有什么可以逃过他横扫的镰刀。 但有一样东西,却不会被他的镰刀收割。是我们的毅力。我们的生命一天天的转动着。秒针, 分针, 时针。而我,我们,就在这时代里,最最渺小微茫的存在。

你不知道生活在什么时候就改变了方向。你被失望拖进深渊,被疾病拉进坟墓。你被挫折践踏得体无完肤,在这之前,在世界末日 天翻地覆之前,让我活在我的没怨没恨的小世界里。永远有青春, 永远有热血, 永远有梦想的世界里。  

从懵懂中慢慢成长,在寂寞里静静等待。盼过日出日落 凝望几多交错之愁。
从晨曦的绚烂中期盼,在夕阳的映衬下回眸, 眼前总也丢不掉那抹迷雾。

曾经的年少轻狂跳跃燃烧的天真梦想,在时光的消磨中慢慢退却雕琢出千丝万缕的惆怅与悲伤。此时便不敢再有痴想或是那些灿烂自由的憧憬。 只是带着满脸的伤感胆怯的低头行走。没发现什么时候自己被时代落下。


Shakespeare said : 
Time doth transfix the flourish set on youth, And delves the parallels in beauty's brow, Feeds on the rarities of nature's truth And nothing stands but for his scythe to mow:
But there is one thing, will not be mowed by its scythe.That is our will to live. Everyday, we lived within every second, minute and hour. Yet I, we are just like a tiny grain among all the stars in the universe, the smallest of all existence. 

We will never know when life changes it's course. When despair walks side by side with disappointment. Sickness and diseases haunting us to our grave. But before this course changes, live what we are meant to live. Live with hot blooded passions, live with no ending of youth, live with dreams that we are meant to live in. Without hatred and regrets. 

I really got no idea why am I so wanted to write in mandarin these few days. I suppose it is just one of those days that things changes it course. It's just emotion writings. I wanted to fully translate every single sentence above, but somehow realize that when words can be just at a lost. Just couldn't bear to find the right words for that right emotions to express.  I know there is a big part of it being left out. But anyhow, I hope that this will be my last post in mandarin for the time being. Will just lay it to rest. 

I guess somehow taking a break from writing on my Live Today With My All series and focusing on what is around me does help me to focus on what I needed to. Honestly, it is getting tougher but I am still holding up to it. Whenever things were the way they were, it happens for a reason somehow. At this point, I am just taking it up as much as I possibly could. For just some reasons, I just wanted to let it be and making out my good days up to the bad days that could possibly hit me. 

For everything that is happening around me, I just wanted to stay positive and looking forward to head back to New York. Holding up to what I am grateful for. 


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