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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Chapter III : Inspiring Letter With Love

The American Cancer Society (ACS) has many many supporters around The States and anyway in the world. Behind this Cause are a few people who run this massive engine, from marketing, admin, organisation and one of these Angels is a young man by the name of Eric Carter H. He has dedicated massive amounts of time to the cause and become a vital part of what we do . Not for money or prestige, but for the love of helping others and spreading the ACS message. Over the last 7 years he has spread the message to countless people, trying to help them and at the same time try and understand what they go through. As the saying goes “life does not always take the turns we want “ Eric tried so much harder to understand this disease to try and help others , unbeknown to him or any of us that he would soon find out he is a lot closer to it than any of us knew . A couple of months ago, my sister Jessy, found out she too has Cancer. It has been a hard few weeks for us as a family.
His friends and us as a ACS Team. The shock and sadness that another of our loved ones has become a target for this evil has been a bitter bitter reality to come to terms with. It has been especially difficult for me personally because of the very close relationship I have with my him. But he said something very true to me “now is the time to practice what we preach!!” Eric has made the vital decision and taken the 1st step NOT to give up, but, TO FIGHT. and all of us, his friends and ACS family will support him through this journey and have the faith and belief that he will come out a victor . Eric has also decided as we would expect to take it a step further, he wants so share his story and journey with others, in the hope that he can help and inspire those who need it. Once again he selflessly gives of himself in the hope of making a difference. ACS will therefore be adding yet another section to our site, Eric will be sharing a blog with us, detailing in absolute honesty his journey. We love you Eric, and we will get to the top of this mountain together. ACS always. 

Love Alfred J and the ACS Team

I came across this post on the ACS New York & New Jersey Facebook page and wanna to share it.
Thank you, from the bottom of my heart to my ACS Family. This always does keep me wanting to go on fighting this fight.

Much Love
Live Today With My All


  1. All those supports u received, the love, the care; I know it doesn't sound right but sometimes, there's this sense of jealousy towards u. hahahaa

    on a unrelated note, since when u become a girl? her? =P Helo, Miss Eric XD



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