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Monday, December 31, 2012

To Begin With 2013

Initially I wanted this to be my last post of the year. But the crazy thing about it is the last few days was total hectic. A lot of traveling in the road, and there ain't Internet connection in the room. But I guess I would say that I'm celebrating New Year's Eve in flight. I know, it's bored, but a blissful way to celebrate with my family. (Which they are all sleeping like pigs on board)

Departing at Indira Ghandi International Airport at Indian time 18:50( which is about 9:20pm malaysia time.) somehow I was kinda looking at how time gone by just in a swift. I suppose how to sum up how my year has been is totally how I wanted to look at it.

Somehow India did really reflect many many aspects of how beautiful life could be. For instants, as we know India has its down side of it. People pee all around the city. They litter, they spit and they even shit on the the road sides. But that is somehow a fact we can't really change. Many will be like looking down on the ground and complaining about how dirty it was. But what they didn't realize was when they are actually looking down on the ground, there are so much they have missed. The beautiful natural landscapes, lush green trees, the layers effect that the fog creates.

Somehow, human will always be human. Somehow, what we wanna see in life is just a matter of choices. I know it is easier said than done. I too sometimes do that. But I couldn't deny what have I missed so far in life. I know it isn't easy to do so. Believe it or not, every time when I am on treatment, I lose it all the time. But this also couldn't be the excuse for me to use. At least not any more.

Guess when I land in KLIA, it will be a new beginning. 2012 has been kind to me. Keeping my fingers cross, 2013 will be even better. So I guess I will be needing a lot of time to put the whole trip in to summary soon.


Ricky's Eat Love Pray journey :

Eat - checked!
Love - unchecked!
Pray - checked!

Goodbye 2012 and hello 2013!


  1. Yeah..welcome home. Sorry i never read much of your blog and you mentioned treatment. May i ask what treatment?? Anyway, i didn't really feel the part that 2012 is leaving till i hear the lovely song Auld Lang syne while reading your blog. i am sad that 2012 a way and i am excited about 2013. You take care. Happy new year.

  2. A sweet, fruitful journey look like =D

    Welcome home and do enjoy ur stay here and eat more please. Not McD xP hahahahahahaha

  3. JokerPJ, yeah, good to be home! Thanks mate! Happy New year to you!

    two horns child, I am just going through my radiotherapy and chemo from time to time. Glad you love that song. It is one of the best one I love! Happy New year to you!!!

    soul232 McD is my number one food in the world! Happy new year buddy!!

  4. 2 out of 3, it's already an achievement.

    But then I think you should put a "check" on love as well, I bet after the getaway - you have loved yourself even more.


  5. Well said Chen Xing! So all CHECKED!!! YAY1 Happy New Year to you too buddy!!!

  6. Here is a welcome hug *HUG* =D

    Enjoy your stay at homeland.

    Wish you be healthy and have awesome things in this new year!! =)

  7. Thank you Shin Yong! Same goes to you. Hope this year will be kind and a prosperous one for you too! Happy New Year.

  8. cool!! cool!! You take care aight.



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