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Thursday, December 6, 2012


Thursday morning. What I really look forward on Thursdays are only 3 reasons.

  1. The Vampire Diaries
  2. Glee
  3. Beauty And The Beast
These are the only three reasons why I would love to stay in on my Thursday nights. Truly, I could use some of these me time. In so many ways, it does help me to get my head off a lot of things. Lucky enough for me this week, I gotta watch them as I am not sharing my ward with any other people.
I don't know about others, I guess part to deal with the emotional effect of what I am feeling is watching some good fun comedy. I am now rewatching Desperate Housewives from the very first season. Somehow, I think I could possibly wear off the tiredness that has been killing me. Seriously, it does somehow affects me in many ways.

Last night, the Grammy Nominee were announced. The sad part, I missed the fun of it. But I am really happy for RCA for securing a big amount of nominations. And the two golden girls of 19 Entertainment. Kelly and Carrie with their nominations too. Really proud of you girls. Fingers cross, lets see what will the outcome be this coming February. 
But on the sad part, I will be spending that period of time back home in Malaysia. 

In many many ways, I am still trying to digest the fact that all my besties will be away at that point of time. It isn't about I am not happy for them, but I know I will be missing their presence dearly. Especially that Capri Lady! Somehow she has been pretty quiet these few days. But I know she is going through some rough time and she just needed that space to digest. But I do hope that she knows when to output those energy when she needed too. 

No new updates on my condition is. I just vent to one of my bestie about my long vacation. It seems so near yet so far now. Somehow I needed to get an approval from my doctors if my body could actually take such task. In many many ways, I know I am determine to make it happen. But anyhow, I got my flight back. Arriving on the 17th evening. Prebook my day with my Besties on the 18th. Flying off again on the 19th. Hectic schedule right? But I really miss them. I just needed to see them before I leave. ( if my condition allows ) I am somewhat determine to make that happen. So for the time being, no sneaking out, having all the treatments, and not giving in to my crave for ciggies. Damn... But yeah, I guess that I am somehow determine to make this trip happen. In many ways, it isn't something I get to do it again in the future. Somewhat like a soul replenishing trip for me in many ways. 


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