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Monday, December 10, 2012

The New Kid In Town

There is always a moment in life when we look back and just smile at it. No matter what it is, the good and the bad things doesn't really matter at all. Listening to a few new tracks for the holiday seasons, I really missed being back in the studio. How much to be part of that beautiful process.

The New Kid In Town is one of the new Christmas songs this year. Blake Shelton has teamed up with The Kel doing this beautiful song. The tender ballad appears on Blake’s upcoming Christmas disc called Cheers, It’s Christmas. Surprisingly, the two blend their voices quite well together. It just brings out that calmness and warmth of the Christmas spirit. Hope you guys love this song on my playlist.

On the bright side of everything that is going on, I am really anticipating to be back next week. Even for just two days in KL before I fly again. The thought of being with my love ones back then just gives me this chills. I know it is weird. But it is how I felt after being away so long.

This is the season of giving, there are like so many things going on in mind that I wanna do. Last year, we spent our time in an orphanage in New York City. This year, we are gonna do something in Boston. But Adam won't be joining this year. So, we are still hoping to give back to the less fortunate around Boston. We still got nothing in my what we are doing but really wanted to do something for them. To make it a tradition for us.

Before signing off to bed tonight, just wanted to share this, I just heard the record for Kel and Jewel did a duet track for Jewel upcoming greatest hits album. I can't wait to share it out with you guys. It is another painfully beautiful ballad. And for this Christmas, I just wanted to spread 3 things that I always have it close to me.

Love      Faith      Hope


  1. Good to hear u are recovering. Welcome back! =D

  2. Thanks buddy, Taking a step a day.

  3. Let's have a happy and wonderful Christmas =)

  4. Thanks Shin Yong! Same goes to you.



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