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Saturday, December 22, 2012

From Colombo To Delhi

The new beginning of another new journey. Flying off from Colombo Sri Lanka to Delhi. Yet again, something exciting about it. Sri Lanka was actually wonderful, better than what I was expecting. It was lovely, comforting, and warm. The only down part is my little annoying brother that loves to annoy me. Not to mention that I was not the annoying one. *Evil laughs*

Anyhow, all I could say that Sri Lanka is relatively a nice place to relax and just unwind. For what that worth, the beach was breath taking. A could say that many many parts of it really has its own unique way. Not to mention the food was amazing. Definitely one place to visit just to relax and be with friends , family or love ones.

Now writing this on a plane relatively putting myself back to the things I was really looking forward to find. It has been years since the last time I was in India. But for all the wrong reasons, my last trip to India was really beautiful. Excluding the lousy food, jams, drivers and all. But it was just one beautiful memory. This time round, I am here alone, I wanna create new memories. Another new beginning and a beautiful end.

So, 3 more hours to land in Delhi. Hope that the internet connections are widely available so I could possibly get online more often. My post maybe a little here and there. Hopefully you guys would bear with it. I think it has kinda become a thing for me to like blog on the bits and parcels of how life could be. Partly it makes me remember no matter how bad things were, it will be different if we see the other side of it. What doesn't make sense to me now is having two annoying company looking at me blogging now. (Mom and my baby bro) So, I am gonna continue this post when I get the chance to in Delhi. On what is worth, life is indeed kind and beautiful to me.


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