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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Distinctive Reflection

From train to buses, after traveling approximately 500km from Lucknow, I am finally here in Nepal. This journey is indeed one inspiring and heart breaking at the same time. This never fail to happen even my last trip here in India. Poverty slaps you in the face, suffering is part of a daily event. Looking at them, I really kinda am ashamed of myself whenever I complaint about my own sickness and pain. While there here struggle daily just to make life bearable. I'm don't even dare to say comfortable.

The journey from Sarvasti to Lumbini. People around were in pain. Yet they strive on to make a meal for the day to their children. Even the children smiles while I was capturing their photo. But maybe ignorance is a way for them to have a shield childhood. Without education, without proper health care, they are all exposed to the cold truth of reality. The cast system till this very day is still very much intact. To me, I find it kinda barbaric.

From what I learned, the Indian government did provide schools, health care, lunches, electricity and water to 85% of the villages around here. Most of the kids here are the children of the farmers. The thing is that the farmers forbid their children to go to school. Instead, they lead a gypsy kinda life. A lot is going through my mind now but I couldn't possibly digest everything. A lot of why and why. But yet, I still can't stand in their shoes. The vast differences in our blessed life couldn't not one near to their living condition.

Heading to bed with a heavy heart. I tried to understand better with upmost empathy but all I could give was sympathy. Just wish to have a good rest before traveling to Rajgil via Vaisali.


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