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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

13 Hours Later, 6 More To Go

The initial 6 hours train ride turned into 13 hour journey. Rumor has it that there was an accident on the other side. So instead of fully utilizing the whole 4 tracks, all lines sharing this direction are sharing 2. That was why we gotta travel 13 hours instead of the initial 6. But all was good to me.

Arriving at Lucknow at 7.29pm, got our luggage checked into the bus, it was dinner time. The first authentic Indian dinner. Surprisingly I actually love it. It was vegan but the taste of it was pretty good. Didn't spent much time, finished up and I was on the road again on the bus. 170km to Sarvasti. Guess that I was too tired I supposed, I really slept all the way to this small town. All I know the ride was bumpy but bearable. The next time I woke up, I was at the hotel at 2am.

The temperature is crazy. It is only 4 degrees right now. Clearly, I wasn't dressed for it. Taught me one little lesson. Weather is one thing that no one could possibly predict. And here I am writing this event less journey here.

Only have 5 hours to sleep and early morning tomorrow, I'm heading off to Lumbini in Nepal. There is something I wanna share about but my hands are freezing typing on my iPad. Guess I will do it another time. Gonna grab more rest while I can. A long day ahead for me.


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