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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Life Is Fragile

Years ago, while writing this song, I was put back into that position where you know you gotta be strong to those we loved. No matter how strong we try to push them away, they will never go anywhere. But tonight, I was back at that point where life is as fragile as it is. A passing of a family of a friend.

My warmest wishes and deepest condolences to my friend and his family. The nature of life always have that twist and turn. Nothing is permanent, but the heart beats on for that only one reason. That memory will lived on.

Still stuck on my ward bed, thinking the moment earlier when I called up to my family. Mom and Dad wanted to fly in but I say no to them. Assuring them that I would be just fine. At times, I do still question part that am I really gonna be? And everything was suck into that realm where nothing we see was clear. And years back, I remembered David putting the lyrics to this song. He suffered a lost and the words was his honor to his loved one.

It was a while ago when I was in that ward looking out at those I love stand along side with me. As much as I didn't wanted to go back to that part of life, but it has been a part of me. Many ways, like what my bestie once told me, life is fragile. Being able to see past that beauty of truth and pain.

Hoping with a fragile hope. The impermanence makes permanent beautiful. Whatever or whenever we are at that point in life, there will always be that question of making that mark. But that mark has been branded to those that we have our hearts on. A brand by birth, a brand by blood, a brand by bond, a brand by love. It is just the way life is.

And officially today, it is World AIDS day. Spread the empathy and awareness. Stop the stigma against the community of people living with and those affected by HIV/AIDS. I was naive before I met these beautiful souls in life. Like I say earlier, Life itself is fragile enough. In many ways, we should live life with love and happiness. Not with ignorance and stigma.


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