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Friday, December 21, 2012

Sri Lanka Day Two - Kandy

It takes about 100km from Colombo to get to Kandy. Kandy is the old capital of Sri Lanka, located in central of the island. Hope on the bus round eight in the morning and started the journey here.

The funny part is when I asked roughly how long will it takes TP travel here, I was told it will take 4 Sri Lankan hours to get here. I was puzzled at first why is it so, but finally I got to understand it is how the culture here. They will stop for tea, coconut and many more with the absolute weird out excuses. In the end, it took us about 4hours 30 minutes of journey instead of the usual 3 hours. Not that I am complaining, just thought that I would rather spend more time in the city than on the bus.

What I really find funny is Sri Lanka is another country without McDonalds. Yes I know I am hopeless but that is somewhat facts of me craving for one. Anyhow, the trip was pretty pleasant. (Not referring to how the driver drives. I guess it is a lot similar to the Indian culture on driving in India)

What I do find funny is the people. Maybe there ain't a lot of yellow skin over here. Me and my brother was standing by the roadside just out of fun, they were looking at us like this weird kinda animal of some sort. But they were friendly of course. Just like the way we see them. I think you know what I meant. Nothing racist, it is just a funny situation.

The highlight of the day is actually night time. We visited the temple where the Buddha's tooth relic was place. It is one older full experience. It was so Devine and peaceful. The crowd there was just something that beyond words to describe. The architecture, landscapes and energy around the whole compound s just amazing. We got the privilege to pay homage in the shrine which wasn't open for public. It was just wonderful.

But the best part was the hopelessness in me start to surface. The funny thing was I am not denying it That I am actually enjoying it. After having our prayers, we do have time to just roam around. So, usual thing I did. The there was this bunch of hot sexy Americans (which of course I find out after talking to them) there was this one guy Jeremy. He had like the most amazing feature. Or it is just purely me being me. Beautiful blue eyes, that cheekbone, butt chin and blonde hair. He was around my height at 6'4" tall. We kinda like hit it off right away. So long story short, we went and told our friends and family we ill not be joining them till tonight.

So we met again after like 20 minutes later. He is from California actually. God I got no idea I was on the roll or just pure luck that I met a guy that hot. So went for our dinner at a local restaurant near the lake. We had some wine and all, good talks and of course me bing me, throwing some lame jokes at him. (Which he finds it funny) weird right,not many laugh on those pathetic lame jokes of mine. Anyhow, I will keep the suspense on later when I get back. But relatively, I went back to the room the next day getting ready to head back to Colombo. :P Buzz kill..  Period...


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