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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

First 7 Days

Came to an end of the first 7 days here in South Asia. And my 4th day without Internet connection. The colour a of life gradually form on the canvas. With all that is going on, the word life is such a fragile thing. For what I came to look for the substantial meaning of the inner awakening. And also to walk down memory lane once again.

The temperature of the eastern part of India kept dropping but it was still bearable. Jeremy is now a small little memory. Yes, I'm not gonna deny that from time to time, I still come across these few hot tourist but the perspective has changed. I couldn't say I fully understood that meaning but I could now picture that life is one thing that is simply amazing in its on way.

The permanent thing in life is impermanence. Everything that is form will eventually breaks. Life is the way it is. Many times I blame myself for having a weak body that doesn't gets well. But in fact, I should see that the power of impermanence in life. Being able to live a day is a gift and living well in a promise to our creators. Well, that is what every creators want for their off springs. My parents are the ones I should be really thanking them. For this little story I heard in the village I went in Rajgil. A mother never measure the milk that she gave to her child. The love and protection given the baby that she bore. But. Once the bby are fully grown, the off springs has the choice to measure what was given to the mother.

What the story is trying to say was for how the mother is being treated, it is all in the power of the kids hand. Good or bad, that choice wasn't hers to call. But when she bore the baby, the choice she had in hand wasn't a choice. A motherly instinct. A heavenly care. I see mothers around here, working with her baby, feeding with doing her chores. I just didn't know why but tears just flows. At some point, I kinda understood hy am I still standing here right now. The battle I was fighting all these while seems to be worth it. I know that every breath I take now, brings the upmost joy to the woman who bore me.

Rajgil really did teach me a lot today. Lying here listening to my baby brother snoring somehow puts the smile on my face. Life is just simply amazing. Heading to bed now. Can't wait to be in Nalanda tomorrow.


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