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Friday, December 7, 2012


From the moment I listen to Lea Michele did a cover of O Holy Night in glee last night, it gave me chills and she really did bring it to the table. As angelic as her voice sounded in this track. The beauty of life somehow was the reflection of reality.

As the holiday season is around the corner, I wanna dedicate this song to everyone. For this month, I wanna dedicate most of the holiday tunes I could update to my playlist. The beauty of the the spirit of Christmas and also the time has come to put our wishes to welcome the new year.

As much as I could see, time is something that no one could take peace with. I remembered at this point last year in Boston, getting ready to come home. And also with what Mr D helped me through the tough times this point last year. It is a beautiful time to give back. Been around kids in the same oncology ward as I was, giving warm to them and their parents somehow gives so much peace of mind.

Life is always a beautiful myth. Nothing is certain but death. But on it's on view, the hope, faith and love within are no boundaries to begin. The night was a peaceful one. For once, the pain seems nothing near to the calmness that brings. We had a great year to begin with. The prayers are heard and the smiles were bright. For once, after a long time, I felt certain. Certain that life is beautiful in many ways. I was blinded with what leads me into the darkness.

When I was talking to a certain beautiful soul in my life this morning, all he said was just one thing.
I don't care what you wanna tell me, but just don't. Tell me in the face when I see you. I want you to be fine. And there is nothing you could stop me for doing so. I don't know how much pain are you in and maybe I will never know. But all I know is you will come back and see me. That faith you planted and taught me has grow ever stronger and I just know. That is all. Many people see you as Eric, but I know you are my Ricky. You are always there for me.
 As I reflect to a point, I see that so many things in life wasn't as hopeless as it is. I clouded my own judgement and I wonder a lot. Not just this soul said this to me. My besties, Mr D, Andrew, Mr G, Dumdun and my big three said this to me before too. Maybe it is time for me to see the lighter side of life. I should be having that same kinda faith in life as all of them had in me. Or maybe I just got struck my an arrow from the angels of Christmas spirit. Maybe it is time to let go of my own and just be how things should be.


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